Serendipity as the new attitude of Marketing.

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Everything is unknown to us until curiosity takes hold of us and we are interested to find out that it is. Most of times, this unknown things that we are trying to discover, appear unexpectedly, by chance.

It happens with everything. With our daily life, with our likes and addictions, with people we know, with experiences or opportunities we get in the way, even with decisions that ultimately, we ended up taking. All this is something that happens to us all, to you, to me, also to Marketing. 

Serendipity, is the name given to this phenomenon that I’m talking about. The role that this phenomenon can play in our lives, personal and professionally speaking. However, from the marketing world we could say that ‘Serendipity’ is much more than everything that was born unexpectedly.

If we look back and see all the discoveries that arose by chance, you would understand much better what I’m talking about. For example,  Who had the idea that joining a stick candy generate as much success as he has been achieved with CHupa-Chups?
The same way it happened with many other things, like the mop “a cloth attached to a stick”, post-its, drugs such as penicillin, telephone, fireworks, or ice creams.
All these discoveries were Serendipity: serendipitious discoveries.

However, not everything is a matter of luck, most of these discoveries were conducted by scientists or inventors who didn’t stop challenging luck until one of these unexpected incidents gave them much more than results. Results that nowadays are world famous and even, many of them have become essential goods for people.

As Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

 In fact, other goods that were discovered by chance, and so far unknown of their origin, were brandy, vulcanized rubber, saccaharin, x-rays, penicillin, the drug LSD, the microwave, and even, the discovery of America.  For curious people who know more about this unexpected discoveries, you can read more about it in this Spanish website. 

If this was not enough to catch your attention, what do you think about Coca-Cola?

Originally, pharmacist John Pemberton was working on a drug that got calm the headache. When, by chance, the result of this formula has become in a world famous drink. Coca-Cola, as all the above named, was the result of the unexpected. It was born by accident. It was serendipity.

Nowadays,  it is more difficult for this to occur due to the amount of products that have been invented and continue to emerge. But hard does not mean impossible.

Therefore, we should keep in mind that whether in the world of science, marketing, business, psychology, or just in our personal world, there will always be ideas, situations, decisions or results unexpectedly be charged a so incredibly unimaginable value until we get to experience not know.

In Marketing we have to be creative, we must not leave anything out. We let our imaginations run, generate new ideas however crazy they may seem, experience and above all never get stuck into the unexpected; After all, you never know when something unexpected could surprise us again.

Serendipity is an attitude. It is not giving up,  is to try and fail, is to generate incentives and ideas that arise from the small details, details which in turn generate new stimuli and ideas with a stroke of luck, chance or unexpectedly, lead us get something done us was unknown even to ourselves.

Many creative directors know this attitude, they have this attitude. Many times it is not enclosed in the office until an idea pops into your head. This is not that kind of luck. It’s open our minds, to seek new alternatives, new ways that give us unexpectedly surprised with the idea that both craved.

It was already said by Tom Peters. We must dare to do things differently, to have a BIG idea. We must  be passionate with her, to talk about her all the time. A play with the trials with the prototypes, making mistakes, and at the end,  find the small success.

However, for that luck or chance comes our way, we need to be looking for something, we have a goal, an idea, something that rely on very clear that we do not we are looking for something. It  is precisely when we are looking for this when the unexpected appears. I mean, sometimes, the unexpected comes when we are looking for something as the result of that we were not looking for.

“If you do not know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else”

So, think about it in the following way: Imagine that you are with your friends and it will happen amazing ideas without really knowing where these ideas have arisen.

The difference between these ideas and others, is that it does not stay there. I mean, they must be carried out and as many others, the majority of them arose by chance without any apparent reason.

It is the value of the unexpected, It is Serendipity.


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4 thoughts on “Serendipity as the new attitude of Marketing.

  1. ¡Un post genial!

    Me ha encantado cómo has mencionada a la Ciencia en el post. Efectivamente, muchos grandes descubrimientos fueron fruto o bien de un experimento que no fue como se esperaba (así comenzó la industria de los colorantes y revolucionó no solo el mundo de la Química Orgánica sino también el mundo de la moda y la industria textil) o como un sueño o una idea inesperada que sirvió como base para seguir investigando.

    Tal y como dijo Einstein, además de la genial frase que has mencionado:

    “La imaginión es más importante que el conocimiento. El conocimiento es limitado, la imaginación rodea el mundo”.

    Y tú combinas ambas cosas. Conocimientos de MK y mucha imaginación, con mucha ilusión detrás.

    ¡Sigue asi!

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  3. […] not for the correct answer. We need to look the match between the new idea and our initial focus. Serendipity happens all the […]

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