Lateral Marketing: Not everybody knows how to give a chance to the madness.

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On the ocassion of the IV Meeting about Inovation in Marketing hold the days 11 and 12 of this week in Vicálvaro, Rey Juan Carlos University, I am going to speak about what I could say what I more love of Marketing:

Lateral Marketing

I have so clear that if there is something common between Marketing and innovation is the result of them. Lateral Marketing such a result of New Techniques for Finding Breakthrough Ideas” This is definited by Kotler and Fernando Trias in their book.

Asics:Lateral Marketing

Definitely, Lateral Marketing shows a new way of doing Marketing. A way to change the traditional Marketing ways by different creative ways centered in products and business concepts that are absolutely breakers.

Seek ways to “do things differently” with amazing ideas than we ever imagined.

Nowadays, the custermer is in the middle of the comunication stratgic, so we have to reach the customers. Therefore, if the communication must stand out, communicate and fall in love:  It has to be different, it must innovate and it must get the planned aim, also it must involve the customer to talk with the brad.

it is true that throughout the day we receive about 6,500 messages, is logical we are swamped and we don´t get remember more than 3 or 4 of them. This is the rason why it has to know how to stand out, it has to know and get to be this message that is remembered during the day.

And what better example than a brand which impresses more than Coca-Cola!

Here you are some similar examples that I posted in the Coca-Cola post the last week.

Another example that I discovered and I loved it totally was The fun theory” by Volkswagen. According to this theory, we can change the behavior of people just doing the funniest things.

Here you have an example, but if you are interested in seeing more about this incredible initiative has done, you can find it here. 

If the idea is to innovate, the imaginaton hasn´t got limits, and the great idea men can develop idea such a the ideas that Volvo made with its “Starlite Urban Drive-in”, getting create an authentic American drive-in:

As the same way, it happened wih Schweppes and its wonderful idea turning the geiser de Paço de Arcos (Portugal) to save  and endure it.

There are a lot of actions that have benn made by the great brands which these days compete for our attention by the most innovative way. I am sure the following examples are going to surprise you!

The first one is about Ralph Lauren. How its store located in New Brand Street  is able to disappear before the eyes of the customers:

The second one is about the marketing campaign that Bing de Microsoft made for Jay-Z’s book in EE.UU:  

I could say more examples about all what is able to get this behavior and this thought called Latel Markting!

To finish it, I´ll conclude with something that maybe is more famous for you and I promise I´ll tell you more about it soon. I am going to speak about Street Marketing!

These are some examples that we learnt in the IV Meeting about Innovation in Marketing. In fact, there was a sentence I remembered because it is so true:

“When I discovered what Lateral Marketing was, I realize that i was just what I was doing these years ago”

I couldn´t say if the majority of the companies and their brands that make Lateral Marketing´s actions are conscious about what  they are doing exactly. But we can recognize that Lateral Marketing attracts attention, falls in love and gets results.

Lateral Marketing is funny, and it works.

So, we have to think outside the box, we have to adopt this thought of “thinking outside de Box”, and if after we develop them, they attract attention, the success is assured. Undoubtedly the craziest ideas are the best. 

Finally , and related to the above, as the great Albert Einstein says:

“If you want different results , do not do always the same”



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