Street Marketing: When Marketing takes the street!

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It is no surprise that the most attractive part of Marketing is the one that catches our attention, breaks the mold, and above all, is eye-catching.

If there is anything that meets all these features, it is definitely:

Many new ways to advertise are arising, and this one although it is most developed in the USA, Canada or the Netherlands, is also beginning to acquire presence in Spain.

Ingenuity and Creativity predominanate the Street Marketing.

And it is nothing but all the communication actions that take place in urban areas or in commercial spaces through non-controlled media campaigns techniques.

It is a “guerrilla marketing” looking for face to face encounter with the consumer. It is about being original, surprising and attracting the attention of the consumer while they are strolling leisurely way to work or back home.

It is a marketing without complexes, which creates experiences to consumers in their own environment and manages to create high visibility (Street Marketing actions endure much more than any ohter advertising impact)

Furthermore, when Street Marketing actions try to create or recreate a certain atmosphere in the street using and integrating elements of the existing environment as buildings, shelters, lampposts, benches… it is called AMBIENT MARKETING

In this aspect, and as you could see it is used the distortion size of objects to create greater expectation.

Some of the features that the Street Marketing has are:

– It generates a lot of expentancy.

– It is economical. Does not need large investments.

– It’s creative and innovative.

– The setting is the street itself.

– It aims to convey a message of proximity to the consumer.

– It can reach many audiences.

– It seeks creating emotional bonds.

– It looks for efficiency, but also for “difference”.

– It promotes the generation of certain hearsay or buzz marketing.

However the Street Marketing, like everything else, has its limitations. It should not interfere with the Dance Marketing, and also it can not be aggressive, tacky or rude.

Below you can see the best examples of Street Marketing that I gathered.

 Enjoy them! 


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