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I have always liked me noticing small details. Also about my passion for Marketing and watch for little details like noticing what were the first advertisement of 2013. For this reason I decided to talk about them and many others who had been the best of 2012. My surprise was then this post caught the attention of a radio network.

Ràdionou contacted to me to check If I wanted to participate in the program Coses Que Passen to discuss some of the ads that were giving a lot to talkat the moment.
Following the -Living Marketing- philosophy, of course we did it!

As today’s post is going to last and first advertisement on television.. Would do you know which one is the most expensive? Undoubtedly the most expensive aInnouncement is the latest of the year. The chance to appear on screen when everyone is waiting for the bells have added that clearly pays price.

Let me sum up what we were talking about. Above, you can see which was the script that we followed:

Some of the latest ads of 2012, were also the first of 2013. For that reason we were talking about Desigual, Coca-Cola, Balay and La Once.

Nowadays, Emotional Marketing has a high presence on advertising.

Firstly, we can talk about Desigual and Its last ccampaign: Do you have a plan?

Desigual has released the second part of the spot showing the girl who wants to sleep with her boss. For the brand there is no better defense than a good offense.
The first advertisement of the year was ‘the #Positivismo‘ by Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola was looking for show the public face of the people. For this reason, or with this goal, the spot that was launched in June has been the most important and the most expensive of this new year.

Campofrío, as the second spot of the year has also managed to trace us. And many times the use of famous people get our attention, that’s how Fofito has done in this case.

For this reason Campofrio follows the line of the brand holding emotions as the best way to reach us all; following the same line adopted for the spot that launched in 2011 for ‘Comics’ and It also won so successful.

Highlighting that not only seeks to sell Marketing and advertising rather than stimulate demand also responsible for informing and remember about goods and services that welcomes a brand, we found for ONCE, which as a foundation in this case emphasizes the illusion as the great source of energy that takes 75 years caracterizandoles.

As Coca-Cola, ONCE is following the values of its founding and thus keep the line of their campaigns.

In addition, we wanted to emphasize the case of Balay. Since that mark are also trying to accommodate the emotional Marketing and yet has not been well received by the public due to the lack of credibility and relationship of the spot with the brand.

However, it is true that Balay philosophy has always been to make a more comfortable, and if we relate this to their new slogan “Thank you for choosing us” cans draw the necessary relationship that the brand would need to reach its target audience.

Finally, I would like to take advantage of this post to talk about in living Marketing I  not only talk about news or commercials that I find interesting, I also talk campaigns, brand strategies, Personal branding, Marketing campaigns, new trends of communication as the Street Marketing or lateral marketing, and even, about motivation and attitude to inspire people as the same way others did it for me. 

I wanted to highlight this, as I mentioned the importance of other media besides television to send us great campaigns. Besides internet, in cinema. It was as I discovered personally how well the campaign Carrera Sunglasses

 The main point about this is that one of the advantages of the cinema advertisement  as a medium of communication, is that even though the audience it is aimed is low, the hearing is characterized pro being a young audience upper middle class certainly large representatives of the target audience of the brand.

From Living Marketing,

 Thanks very much to Ràdionou for the experience!.


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