The reasons of Experiential Marketing

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Marketing evolves every day more and more. Experiential Marketing, customer relationship marketing, emotional marketing, sensorial marketing or street marketing; the essence is located and focuses on a single premise: customers.

They are the only ones that matter.

Today, I want to talk about experiential Marketing and field marketing are highly relevant when we want to understand how the customer world works.

Experiential Marketing allows consumers to approach the product and the brand. To live a unique experience and generate notoriety gets results.

However, If we are talking about  field marketing, it is only the halfway. The brand gets closer to customers, but they don’t seek to approach the brand. Anyway, in both cases we achieve dynamism, attention and therefore results.

If we pay a little attention, we can relate this with two other new trends of communication that are still very important at the moment in the marketing world: emotional marketing and relational marketing.  

Getting a bond with customers is becoming increasingly important. The key to give them the opportunity to be they who could interact with us. Give to them the opportunity and the power that it is they who choose us. Establish a contact not only with the product but also with the brand.

Perhaps it is for this reason are becoming increasingly important getting a major sales force. I mean, the main point here is the customer relationship. Better known as CRM  (Customer Relationship Management)

Due to the current market is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate.  If we want to know the success key, we haven’t choice but to get find the competitive advantage that differentiate us and then, promote it to the fullest.

“Success comes from being different. And then be willing to keep changing.”

(Jonas Ridderstrale & Kjell Nordström – Funky Business Ed. Prentice Hall)

All of us know the theory about this, but it is not so easy to putting it into practice. For this reason, brands are looking to give more importance to intangible experiences. They are looking differentiation there, and most of the top brands that currently lead the market, get it.

For example, we can look a great example of this here.  

Every day we consume less, although it may seem that we do more. And is that rather than consume, we make every purchase into an experience. It is why the Marketing evolves at the same speed that the needs of customers and nowadays we can see more and more experiential, emotional and relational marketing actions.

The marketing focus is not in the product anymore. It is focus on the intangibles or the brand: the values, the experience and the attitude through we get closer to customers to us.

it must to be interactive; I mean, we have to get customers to come to us not doing anything but getting closer we them.

The truth is that every day there are more examples of experiential marketing which we live and experience thanks to thousands of brands.

However,  Adidas got attract my attention with its NEO Window Shopping. It is a interactive window through which customers can buy anytime and anywhere.

Finally, I encourage you to see the video and enjoy it!


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