McDonald’s heeds Kotler: “If you want to sell, don’t be logical.”

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I’ll begin talking about that moment when McDonalds decided to release for sale someoof its products for 1€ and everybody might think.. Does worth it selling an hamburger for 1€? Of course it does.

McDonalds is not the only one who has increased its market share with this sales promotion. Burger King, 100 Montaditos, and Rodilla also have many of their products at the incredible price of 1€, so as we can see, the facts speaks for themselves.

The purpose that I have with this article is show you one of the thousands of examples that have been derived from the famouse quote of Philip Kotler:

“If you want to sell, don’t be logical.”

In fact, so many times, many great ideas are lost for this reason: Not be logical.

However, in logical terms, McDonalds is quite good not being it! Firstly I wanted to mention the advertising commercial whose slogan “What matters is not to come, It is to return” tells us that the importance of all this strategy are the customers.

And it is precisely for customers and for their needs, which are responsible to satisfy, besides to launch the promotion with the products for 1€, they put wi-fi free and renovated their restaurants.

Taking advantage of this article, is important to mention the initiative carried out by McDonalds (on Friday 1, February) in which between 13.00 and 16.00 hours, the brand invited everyone to eat in the restaurant of Montera street (C/Montera, Madrid) to promote their two new releases: the McMenu McRib and the McMenu Classic BBQ Chicken. 

One of the things that I most like to take this blog is the reactions that marketing actions has in people who received this information.  Reaction that is always the surprise. 

The fact is that there was not one person that I communicated not to be surprised. And that’s the reaction of ilogical things: surprise.

The aim of this promotional action was neither than inviting consumers to try new products. Products that I have to say that promotional activity may not be sold equally well. Furthermore, and being faithful to one of the primary goals of Marketing: satisfy needs.

However, at this point it is interesting highlight certain terms as traditional marketing or lateral marketing. I mean, improve a product with new variations is not a real innovation, is thinking vertically and not laterally. It is true that with traditional marketing we satisfy needs, but is also true that is on lateral marketing where the boundary goes along the logic to overcome it. 

What I’m trying to say is something similar to what Fernando Trías de Bes said once, as the same way we create  a joke which makes us laugh, Marketing creates innovative and amazing products.

Finally, and turning again to lateral marketing and traditional marketing, we have to say that both are nothing but complementary. For this reason we must to face the logic from a traditional point of view, thinking of consumers and their needs.

So, let’s heed Kotler: seek breakthrough and ilogical ideas to raise our success, without forget “what matters is not to come, it is to return”.


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