Emotional Marketing: The power of emotions

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This has always been one of the topics that I wanted to talk about here in the blog. The reason of it is clear: Emotional marketing is one of the most popular trends that brands use as advertising strategy.

At the beginning of the year, we were talking about Balay and its latest emotional campaign about the employees of the company. At the moment, there are many examples that we can use to explain the power that emotional marketing has.

The proximity to customers is, definitly, the key to getting their attention. Futhermore, emotional marketing is not than simple. I mean, only the best one is able to reach the emotions of the majority. Because as all of you can imagine, emotional marketing works because it goes straight to the emotions.

As irrational people we are, there are many times that the impulses take control of our decisions. I mean, emotions are closely related to out nature and inevitably feelings have control, and marketing knows it.

“Emotions stimulate the mind 3,000 times faster than regular thought”

It is precisely for this reason that the emotion is so powerful and consequently persuasive when we are making decisions.

Coca-Cola, Heineken, Campofrío, Nestlé, BMW, Harley-Davidson…the list is endless; More and more brands are looking to satisfy emotional needs.

Whether sentimental as the latest example of McDonald’s, or more adventurous, and yearning for freedom and rebellion such as Voll-Damm advertising that I attached below.

Getting noticed is not easy today. Even we could say we have gotten used to emotional marketing. How to get recapture the interest of customers and focus their emotions in what different brands offer us?

The answer is simple: Keeping the focus on emotions. As I said before, we are as unpredictable as irrational people. For this reason we are changing our needs every day. What we can say is that If it is about needs, emotions are the answer. Now and always.

Even Experiential marketing is related to emotions and emotinal marketing. But I’ll explain it below. Firstly I would like encourage you to see the Kas advertising: “Los deseos de Marcos” (Marcos’ wishes)

The key is to find those needs that in one way or another, go squarely to our emotions.

In emotions we can find the power of this new trend of communication. Even with the customer loyalty and the experiential marketing. Due to the positive or negative emotional reinforcements which often determine the relationships, we also have a better or worst customer relationship marketing.

Emotional Marketing is responsible not only attract, but it cans get to sell, satisfy and retain.

Another kind of marketing that is closely related to the emotional marketing is experiential Marketing. There are many other brands that increasingly focus their efforts and Marketing budgets to offer unforgettable experiences to their customers:

“Currently the way to reach a customer is not through their pockets, It is through their emotions and feelings. From the positive experiences that are offered will depend not only on product sales, but also the loyalty that the consumer will towards the brand.”

It is here where Marketing 2.0 and influence began to have a strong influence on Internet networks due to the importance of two-way communication. One aspect that today I would say that is the most important because it is one of the most influential strategies.

As you can see emotional Marketing is not much more complicated. It is sometimes really simple: our more emotional side is what ultimately counts.


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  1. Muy interesane, muchas gracias. Al final, sin emoción no hay nada, y mucho menos marketing.

  2. ¡Muchas Gracias! 🙂

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