How marketing actions can impact and ensure surprise? Nivea, Coca-Cola Zero and Volkswagen tell us!

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As consumers and users we are, we have a limit in terms of ability to surprise by the different marketing actions that brands develop. In order to go further, to break down barriers than usual, and getting not only capture the attention of consumers (to get remembered), were born different techniques and marketing strategies that challenge the limits of reality.

The Guerrilla Marketing, for example, is a set of strategies of marketing executed by unconventional media that get with the help of ingenuity and creativity the goal cited before. From fun and without much cost, Marketing gives vent to creativity turning everyday situations in truly amazing experiences that undoubtedly remain in memory of their customers for long.

In fact, I think there can be a better example for explain this. It is the Stresstest of Nivea, a marketing action that also got a high percentage of viral and buzz marketing when It was done.  The Nivea Stresstest returns to test in the most unexpected moments the most innocent people.

In February 2013 Nivea launched this technique of Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, to introduce its new product: Nivea Deo Stress Protect First it was in an airport, but this time It is in a taxi. This famous and madmen paparazzi that will make you sweat blood!

Again, the stress test again to talk about on  internet. This is how we can see the Guerrilla Marketing surprising. Further, it is very effective to viral the different brand campaigns that decide to pursue.

This is not the first action carried out by the brand. To promote Q10 cream Nivea Light Texture in 2012 set up a booth giving the impression that it was a sampling strategy.

However, this incredible action of Nivea, this meant getting much not remain indifferent to the protagonist who undoubtedly left speechless by the brand.

Besides Nivea, there are many brands that have been launched to cover this new trend of communication. Another example comes from Coca-Cola Zero: Unlock the 007 in you” 

In this occasion, It was done for the primere of Skyfall movie. This unexpected meeting between the brand and the consumer was more than a simple experience, it was a challenge

A vending machine that challenged several users to upload a train station to a particular walk in just 70 seconds. Time and different obstacles encountered along the way proved that once again, the brands are not only able to strengthen its notoriety, if not, they are able to make us living  unique experiences.

Furthermore, Guerrilla Marketing covers other techniques such as Ambient Marketing, where it is not always the experience, but the effect of surprise is still the order of the day.

Finally, I leave to you another example belonging to The Fun Theory of Volkswagen, where and how I commented at the time, in the post –Lateral Marketing-, The Marketing gets attention, capture customer and get results.

Anyway, thousands of Guerrilla Marketing examples exist and are amazingly funny and shocking due to the experiential marketing of which these are made.

I encourage you to investigate and discover more of them! After all, as on many occasions I have already checked…

Curiosity is the engine that will show us worlds that we didn’t even know!



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