Desigual: Learning to understand brands as people rather than as products.

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Marketing achieves results when it impacts. And this is something that Desigual knows quite well. 

To get communication to work we need to cause visual impact. Either a greater or lesser extent, this is one of the greatest letters that can not be marked when we talk about communication, because as we know, everything communicates.

When a brand communicates looking the same effect. However, as far as communication is concerned Desigual, the brand is defined as

“Desigual is the perception that people have from us.”

Desigual is not only a medium chain who is dedicated to making clothing. Desigual is innovation. The brand is quite clear what their competitive advantage: It’s not about being the biggest or the cheapest. It’s about being different. .

“Desigual is not the same”

Thanks to the brand slogan designed by Isabel Coixet, Desigual was awarded with the prize for the best record in the 4th edition of the National Awards Ceremony Marketing Marketing Association of Spain.

Moreover, Desigual’s vision seeks to inspire and create positive emotions through original clothes. Positivism, disinhibition and joy are just some of the values transmitted not only with its products but also with its corporate philosophy and marketing activities carried out.

As the brand is defined itself since 1984:

“We dress people, not bodies”

With this last point I want to highligh the two most important aspects of the brand: people.

In fact, it is thanks to Emotional Branding carried out by the brand certainly is present in most marketing activities and communication that has taken place. Rather than to attract attention, for defining who they are.

“The key to win customers is conquer their hearts. We want Desigual to be the brand that people want to want, not the brand that people want to have. “

Ana Cabanas, Marketing manager of Desigual.

As I said at the beginning, some Marketing and communication actions that I consider important to emphasize here are the following ones.  Firstly, the Magic Day that took place on Preciados Desigual March 18 on the occasion of his new collection “Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil.”

Secondly, I would like to highligh one of the best competitive advantages of the brand: the front of their buildings. A great way to cause a maximum impact with the minimum cost!

Desigual well defined what was one of the best decisions I conducted rebuilding the Herald Square in Manhattan, New York building.

Originally the front of the building was painted with the colors, now, thanks to the collaboration of Colossal Media, there are three models that cover this incredible building Desigual in NY.

Definitely, if it comes Atypical Marketing, Desigual has managed to move us without hesitation.

Desigual communicates with kisses, with music, and even with cinema. The famous “Kiss tour” Desigual carried out worldwide is one of the most daring and original brand shares.

Another action that is also being carried out in ever more Spanish cities as well as in Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and San Francisco is the famous “Seminaked Party”of the January sales of the brand. In which consumers come in lingerie and may leave the store with clothes for free.

Undoubtedly a great marketing action  that has reported a surprising success as the target audience of the brand is concerned.

As these examples, there are million of marketing actions that many brands carried out and may not always hear about. A pity, because most of them are so amazing as unique.

Again emotional and experiential Marketing comes alive to provide consumers with unforgettable memories and incredible results to companies.

Just remember that if “Companies are people driven by emotion”we should understand brands as people rather than as products.


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