Heed Estrella Damm and Love of Lesbian: Everything is up to you!

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I could start talking about this post in so many ways that I think the best one is from passion. I mean, there is nothing like summer, and for marketers, as people who loves advertinsg, the summer commercials are among the most expected of the year.

Specially in Spain, one of the most expected summer ads is also one of the most commented for everybody: Estrella Damm summer ad.

Estrella Damm, spanish beer brand, has the beer, friendship and the summer as the three pillars of its advertising. One more time, the brand has surprised us with its latest ad, this time with ‘Love of lesbian’ collaboration.

It’s true not eveyone likes this kind of music and it was a risk for the brand. However, facts confirm that is just the opposite: barely in 24 hours the spot has become a real example of viral marketing since the brand had launched on Youtube.

Polluting as if it were a virus, it was found extended by social media. Fans of the music group and the brand have been charged to share it and get another summer the Estrella Damm Ad as one of the most viral, commented and expected advertisements.

More than 234.000 views on Youtube and million of sharing content speak for themselves when we look for #Mediterráneamente (the claim of the brand) on social media.

Spanish brand has achieved again a great notoriety with it summer ad. This has led me to think about the fact that instead as much as people complain that we are attacked by millions of advertising impacts..

Advertising is already tradition.

I mean:

It’s no summer time until Estrella Damm ad has not been launched!

It is tradition for many marketing and advertising lovers waiting to see ads so characteristic of every year as is the example of Estrella Damm.

Again, and chaired by the well-deserved brand positioning “Mediterráneamente”, Estrella Damm introduce us its new advertising.

 As I’ve already commented in ‘In the past advertising created stories, nowadays the stories are filled with advertising’, Estrella Damm uses on of the best strategies that is known as ‘slice of life’.

Recreating this ‘slice of life’, the brand gets to create short stories full of life that remind us that summer time that we love. Without much effort, the brand gets to capture the consumer with a real and easy marketing emotional strategy.

In this way, what it began as nothing more than a summer spot has carried out by a communication strategy to became a true marketing strategy that year after year still get results.

In barely 3 minutes the beer brand has managed to return to the same effect that years earlier, but this year we have to say that the success of the spot is increased by the issue “Fantastic Shine” by the catalan group Indie pop-rock Love of Lesbian.

Slogans sush refreshing, direct and emotional as the brand launch every year, Estrella Damm has managed to capture not only the attention of everyone, it has also managed to achieve such possitive effects and notoriud to which we are used.

With friends, party, music and beer, what else do you want?

As they say to us:

Todo depende del cómo, y el cómo depende de ti. 

(everything depens on how, and ‘how’ is up to you)



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