Coca-Cola surprises worldwide

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Coca-Cola is a brand that I love due to its Marketing. And how it could be less, I also love to talk about all its marketing. For this reason, today I come to tell you how Coca-Cola still surprises the entire world!

Firstly, I would like star introducing you a campaign that the brand carried out in Spain.

Under the name  “Benditos Bares” (Blessed bar), the brand is still trying to tribute the bar. That place that everybody loves and where we spent more time than we have surely imagined! Actually, as the advertising agency  Mrs.Rushmore says: “The biggest social network is the bar”

We have lived many experiences, we have been surrounded by family, colleagues and friends, we have been shared happiness and we have enjoyed great memories in those bar. For all this reasons, Coca-Cola supports and tributes them constituting the 29th of June as the day of the bar in Spain.

Below you can see the commercial that Coca-Cola spain made for it:

We jump from Spain to UK to discover another incredible action of the brand.

Actually, we already know that Coca-Cola encourages us to share happiness. Well, this was the country where the campaign of the custom coke began. Without any doubt, an action marketing that has come down Australia, Spain, Germany, Belgium among others.

The current idea of sharing moments of happines, Coca-Cola invites you to share a coke with that special person or just have one with your name.

In fact, the brand keep sharing happiness with such original ideas like which emerged in Singapore.

Under the name “The sharing can“, Coca-Cola Singapur surprise us with this can of coke which is divided into two in order to be shared.

However, its originality is as high as its exlusivity. I mean, Singapore is the only place where you could find one of them. Through these two small containers screwed, this place has been shared a lot of happiness and enjoyed the secret of this ingenious and innovative can edition of the brand.

Travelling a little bit further, we discovered the new ice bottle of Coca-Cola in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

When summer comes and drinks are rapidly heated because of the sun, the best would be have a bottle that kept for as long as possible your coke nice and cool. For this reason, or not, Coca-Cola launched this bottle in order to deliver grater value to consumers.

Without any doubt a great strategy where the packaging is even more relevant that the own product!

In addition, this new ice bottle doesn’t generate waste. Being made of ice, once you have consumed the drink, the bottle is melts.

It’s time to fly to Milán and tell you the action marketing carried out by McCann-Erickson to the brand as a perfect example of Ambient Marketing.

In order to get us a smile, “A smiling Coca-Cola Happy can” was born. Imagine that every time you open a Coke, it will return the smile.. 🙂

“Life is like a mirror, she smiles at you if you smile first.”


For all those who want to see more about this marketing action carried out by McCann Erickson, you can visit this link: (Milán)

And Finally, Denmark!

If I told you that you can find the Denmark flag hides in the logo of the brand; Would you believe me?

Creative managers of McCann Copenhagen found the answer. In fact, they decided to display it at the airport of Denmark through a vending machine.

Allowing citizens to pick up a flag from the logo of the brand, Coca-Cola was able to generate added value to the reception from all visiitors who came to denmark airport.

The truth is that doen’t mind where: Singapore, Colombia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Milan, Spain… Coca-Cola never fail to amaze us!

Is for this reason that the company is known worlwide, is a leader in innovative and surprising actions around the world and is a perfect example of Marketing. 


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