Emotional intelligence: The art of leading our emotions

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Feelings are something that affect our thinking, and consequently our conduct and our decisions. Know to manage our emotions is a key factor in emotional intelligence. It is not the same that control them. It is not about of restricting one or another or differentiate between those that are good or bad. It is about to combine all our emotions and knowing how to use them.

Daniel Goleman, American psychologist and author of “Emotional Intelligence”, talks us about the capacity to recognize our own feelings and the feelings of others, motivate and handle the relationship we have with others and with ourselves properly.

Emotional intelligence is important in terms of how emotions influence our behaviour and our decisions. However, It is also important in terms of potential that can we reach identifying and taking advantage of everything we have inside ourselves and still we unknown. I mean, As Salovery and Mayer say:

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control and regulate the feelings of self and others and use them as a guide thought and action. “Every emotion has an impulse to action, driving these impulses is basic to Emotional Intelligence”

Everyone has a potential which in some cases is developed and in other occult. This potential is the key to make us motivated people.

“The difference between what we do and what we would be able to do should be enough to solve most of the world’s problems”


Emotional Intelligence is becoming increasingly important. Why? Because when we are talking about marketing we are also talking about brands. These brands who strive every day to reform its customer relationship.

“At the end, it comes down to something as simple as are the human relations”

There are some aspects that we must to have clear both in the Marketing and ou life:  

  • Knowing oneself
  • Being aware of oneself
  • Focus on what we’re doing
  • Looking for new challenges
  • Set personal relationships
  • Learning to put everything in their place
  • Enjoy everything we do
  • Strengthening our most creative part

If we are talking about emotional intelligence, a science which is closely related is the Neuromarketing. Let´s talk about Neuro-linguistic Programming (NPL) and the way it examines our mental patterns, our thinking and acting.

7 main points of NLP are:

  1. Every communication is redundant:we communicate with everything, not just what we say, also with what we do with our body language.
  2. The meaning of your communication is the response you get:your way to communicate generate a reaction in others.
  3. People answer to the map of their reality, not the true realityLa gente selecciona la mejor opción que tiene en cada momento
  4. People have all the resources we need in every moment
  5. There is no error or failure, only feedback.
  6. Every symptom is a communication.

As Walter Michel says:

“What we need in our tests is not the strength of will, It is self-control. We can´t control our world, but we can control how we think and behave about it”.

One of the things that I most like about emotional intelligence is that part of Lateral Marketing.

Defined as a ‘method of thinking that can be used as a technique for solving a creative problem’.

Nowadays, when we are talking about marketing we mean a more creative, innovative and lateral marketing. A marketing where emotions and experiences have not gone unnoticed. A marketing where not only seeks to capture the attention of consumers, It gets  a place in the customers mind with our actions to get what is called a real emotional positioning.

Finally I would like to finish with a quote that says:

If we enjoy what we do, everybody will enjoy with us.


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  1. Muy interesante. Y yo me pregunto, ¿tienen las empresas inteligencia emocional? ¿En sus investigaciones miden ese nivel de inteligencia emocional? Si no existe, se tendría que crear un índice de inteligencia emocional para la empresas, se podría llamar: IIEE.

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