‘Pay with a Kiss’ and other incredible Marketing actions that make the difference

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Kisses and smiles, It doesn’t mind if you get free coffee in return.

Whether in Madrid or Australia, these two actions, like many others deserve to be told.

Every day I’m discovering how many actions that are amazing, and it is because this kind of actions make the difference. In people who experience them, this kind of actions install curiosity in those who don’t know what they are about and they get to be remembered with total security.  However, What is the real goal for a company that create this kind of strategy?

It may seem quite simple: attract the attention of consumers who experience. However, although that works and many of them will return, this strategy also gets promoting brand awareness by buzz marketing. 

Perhaps, to pay a coffee with a kiss or a smile is the best idea that these two companies were ever used.

‘Pay with a kiss’ is the action that developed the agency Lavender to Metro St.James Cafeteria in Sidney (Australia) in order to attract more people to their establishment.

Known around the word, just in a few days and thanks to the great movement that has been generated in networks, this cafeteria has made the biggest viral marketing allowing love and surprise to many users.

In spite of being a cheap way to pay for the coffee…, Does it profitable to carry out this marketing action? I would say yes.

And it is not just for the great benefits that will be reporting to the cafeteria, it is also for the notoriety that has won and the extent to which tis action has had thanks to viral marketing.

During the month of June and despite only being available from 9.00 to 11.00am, Metro st. James is already known in worldwide way. This cafeteria was able to surprised hundreds of Australian people and generated in less than a month a video with more than 500.000 views.

Will it giving Metro St. James coffee, watching friendly and real kisses, and surely, attracting more consumers?

Also related with coffee and honest gestures, I would like to talk to you about Walking Koffee. 

This company made in July last year a similar action. His goal was to brighten the morning to the maximum number of people. A smile in exchange for a coffee to take away as they told us in his Facebook fan page. 

Gift may seem crazy, but in marketing as in life, there is something we should always remember: madness. The craziest ideas and passion promotes which will ultimately make the difference.  And as you know, Not everyone knows how to give a chance to madness! 😉


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