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Wheter you are a person who loves or hates advertising, you must confess you have ever smiled with an advertising campaign, marketing action or just a commercial.

Because of this I’m here today to talk about all that cheerful advertising that make our days happier!

First of all, I’d like to start with an advertisement for Coca-Cola. Despite all we know the brand is known worlwide for being the brand associated with happiness, all its marketing shine for the emotional value that they have. This commercial was really special in Spain and I’d like to purpose you follow the same message: “Look at the the world with positivism”.

In addition, this optimistic outlook is something that engages. Rather than an emotion is a vision, it is a hope and strength that we need. We all know and as the main objective is to satisfy our needs, why not give us that positivity and optimism that we all need?

If you’d like to discover more happy marketing actions from the brand, take a look to the post Coca-Cola surpises worldwide!

Secondly, and specially, the “Positive numbers” arrive to show us not everything is as bad as it looks. This advertising campaign carried out by Nestlé try to show everybody the positivity of life. Despite numbers are related to bad news that star the current situation in Spain, Nestle wanted to turn around this perception and convert numbers into something positive. Without any doubt, a emotional advertising that will surprise you!

Moreover, there are many campaigns looking for the optimism and positivism of life!. This leads me to introduce you the campaign of Nescafé.
Carried out by McCann Barcelona, this advertisement was marked by its call to people to celebrate the good times.

And we could go on with many examples of cheerful advertising with more campaigns carried out by brands such as Aquarius. Nevertheless, I prefer to finish this post with a funnier example!

Is the case of Mixta. Without any doubt a brand that is known for its originality, fun and humor! A brand that has been known how to make their own style as optimixt as it’s possible!

Discover it for yourself! And enjoy it!


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