The Flagship Store’s World: A whole experience for the consumer!

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There is no need to travel to discuss the phenomenon of the Flagship Stores, however since I had the opportunity, I will tell you some interesting things about the concept and some of its best shops.

Flagship Stores are a revolution for marketing that despite their potential they still are quite unknown.
Why are they a revolution? Because Flagship Stores are more than a store, they are pure Marketing and let’s see the reasons.

 Converse Flagship Store in San Francisco.


In all terms of product and price, distribution and communication, Flagship Stores are important for the brand. Not only for their location as insignia store for the brand, but for product differentiation and for the great communication that reflects the store itself.

As I already said, a Flagship Store is more than a store, it reflects the brand image and culture in addition of being an experience for the consumer. More and more brands seek to add value to their products with these peculiar stores.

It is not just an establishment, these Flagship Store are pure. By some marketing tools they get not only reflect the brand image and culture also many Flagship Store respond to so-called fun shopping, that is, the store itself is a space where the amusement composes the experience of purchasing.

It has happened to all of us: entering a store of any brand that we like and getting so surprised that we could be in the store for hours… How do we know if we are in a real Flagship Store?

Zara Flagship Store in Rome


Usually, these types of stores are huge, with a surface that reaches 2,000 square meters, located in downtown and with interiors and architecture so surprising, innovative and striking that invite us to come in to see the inside of the store.

As I mentioned in some previous posts, we are in the era of experiences. And as we all know the product is not going to sell by itself however the packaging or advertising it has, but consumers need an added value that surprise and convince them, and this is none other than a unique experience. For this reason, many Flagship Stores have been used to perform in them: fashion shows, concerts, new collections openings, among other actions.

A Flagship Store that we have very close and it is a clear example and space where big events like the recently described take place is none other than the Telefonica Flagship Store in Gran Via, Madrid.

Telefónica Flagship Store in Gran Vía, Madrid.

Therefore, we may conclude that a Flagship Store is THE quintessential where the brand not only surprises its customers, but it allows them to interact with the brand in a creative, innovative and uniquely way while enjoying a unique experience.

Such differentiation achieves its results, since through a sensorial, experiential and lateral marketing they could influence consumer perceptions so that ends up affecting their behavior.

We can not deny that the Merchandising influences consumer behavior, much less if it’s as impressive as those that can be found on the Flagship Stores.

Below you will find some examples of FlagShip Stores, and at the bottom, the Flaghsip Store that inspired me to write of them here today!

And you? Which Flagship Store do you know? 
CocaCola Flagship Store in Las Vegas
Nike Flagship Store , in Singapur.
Diesel Flagship Store, in Manhattan.
Dior Flagship Store in Canton Road, Hong Kong.
 Desigual Flagship Store in Callao, Madrid.
 Apple Flagship Store, in Nueva York.
BMW Flagship Store, in Paris.
Ralph Lauren Flagship Store, in Nueva York.

In this one, the Ralph Lauren Flagship Store in New York, I want to highlight the presentation of the store they performed in 4D, where they manage to make the store dissapear in front of the consumers that were right there:  The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience
A great example of lateral Marketing and unique experience for everyone who attended the event! 

As I started this post, it was a trip that aroused my interest to investigate a little more about the Flagship Stores and its importance not only to the brand but also as a key element in what refers to Marketing. For this reason, now you will find some of the photos we took at M&M’s World, The Flagship Store of M&M’s in London.

I must add that if I had to highlight a type of marketing that I appreciated there, I’d say sensorial marketing in a olfactory level: it is amazing that until a week later, a T-shirt from the M & M’s World continue to keep smelling like the store itself. INCREDIBLE!

Other clear example of the Fun Shopping that I’ve mentioned.
As you can see, experiential Marketing is always present.
M&M’s Wolrd, Flagship Store of M&M’s, in London.
M&M’s Wolrd, Flagship Store of M&M’s, in London.
M&M’s Wolrd, Flagship Store of M&M’s, in London.
M&M’s Wolrd, Flagship Store of M&M’s, in London.
Without any doubt, A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! 


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