Whatever you do, Do it with passion!

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Receiving small doses of motivation is something that pushes us to continue to pursue our dreams with passion not surrender to adversity.

Maybe this post will come out a little unconventional, but whatever it is what you want to spend, you have to be passionate.

As George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel good quote says:


“Nothing in the world worth has been achieved without passion”


Marketing passionates me, but every day I have more clear that this is the engine that gets me daily dose of motivation, perseverance and dedication to achieve someday where I wanna be.

There are many ways to get your daily doses of motivation that often we need, either in the form of a video, a song, the words of a stranger or someone close to you.

Similarly, there are many people who say that to find what  passioned you is essential, and if you devote yourself to that, you will be happy not only professionally, but also personally .

 And there are many things that are said or advice given, but what ultimately counts is what you feel. That which is inside us and makes us decide, that motivates and encourages us to continue forward.

I remember when I was still deciding he wanted to study, and when communicated my family that I wanted to devote to Marketing, they told me I got into a very competitive where it had to be good to go very far .

They speak us of competition, they make us see that nothing will be easy and we will have to work hard to become someone important. However, what they don`t tell us is that the larger struggle we have to fight is our own. That to become the best there is no greater or better competitor than within.

I would add a little bit about a brand that not only is on the agenda for the great pull that is having , if not their pillars were based on the passion and dedication, a brand that has managed to fall in love all their designs and messages.

Mr Wonderful has managed to capture both their enthusiasm and his passion in everything they do.

I wish we were to see the video of Mr WonderfulShop, a video where Angy and Javi tell us what Mr Wonderful is and how after the success achieved by Mr Wonderful decided Shop. You can watch the video by clicking here.

As they say:

“More than a job is a passion, how who likes cooking and testing , research and get a recipe that surprises people. At the end of that time, worth it.

Undoubtedly, Mr Wonderful been known goodly consolidate his own personal brand, a brand that resides in the passion they feel for what they like.

Today the labor market in which we compete for work is becoming more demanding and more and more people competing with more and better training and experience for these positions. But we always look for something else, something that stands out , that spark that makes a the expense of knowledge, the experience or the best of your abilities get shine above all. And is that when you dedicate yourself to what you are really passionate about it shows.

The greatest achievements and best ideas came from the passion of people who dared to give an opportunity to what they liked best. Apart from not having time , remove it from where it is , to investigate, to interested ..

“The passion for what you do will make you understand that the limits are mental”

 But we don´t confuse, is not all put passion and the world will be colored pink. Everything in life requires effort, perseverance and dedication. The key is that the passion facilitates these tasks that can sometimes be as expensive .

 If you have a passion for what you do, you must work hard, and you face each day with lots of positivity not only will you feel good with your work, but it slowly you go up the stairs that will lead to success.

 Finally I would like add some videos that perhaps you may know or not, but it certainly provoked a great motivation to me, Enjoy it!


Part of the film “The Pursuit of Happyness”



Speach of Steve Jobs, in Stanford

Nick Vujicic is the main character of “Butterflies’circus” with a great message

I also recommend you seeing Nick conference “Limitless”


Motivated speach of Luis Galindo (In spanish)


 Ilusion, motivation and passion:

The key is not to be the best; it is to be the best version of yourself

 “Change our life is change our behaviour”  


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6 thoughts on “Whatever you do, Do it with passion!

  1. Enhorabuena por el post, me ha gustado muchísimo! No solo porque soy bastante fan de Mr. Wonderful, si no porque me siento muy identificada con eso que dices sobre que el marketing es tu pasión y lo que te motiva. Yo también viví una situación parecida en casa cuando elegí estudiar marketing, y estoy más que de acuerdo en que para enfrentarte al resto primero tienes que luchar contigo mismo. Me quedo con eso de “La clave no está en ser el mejor, si no en ser la mejor versión de ti mismo”.

    Gracias por el post, un saludo!

    • ¡Muchas gracias guapa! 🙂

      Sin duda cada uno encuentra la motivación en aquello con lo que se siente identificado, lo que está claro es que ya sea el Marketing o cualquier otra cosa la pasión es tan necesaria como esencial!
      La frase de “La clave no está en ser el mejor, si no en ser la mejor versión de ti mismo” proviene de Luis Galindo, si le echas un vistazo a su vídeo seguro que encuentras una gran motivación en lo que dice, y es que tiene toda la razón!

      ¡Que pases un buen día! 🙂

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  5. […] always thought that whatever we do in this life, we have to do it with passion. Of course that is not going to be easy. Of course we are going to fail. Of course we are going to be […]

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