The power of Social media: the new digital revolution!

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Due to the strong presence that have social networks nowadays, is not a surprise know that social media more than a new communication trend is a whole digital revolution.

If you like social networks, Im pretty sure that you’ve also listened something like: “You got a problem with social networks!” or.. “Why do you need to spend all your time on facebook?”

Both may be true, however, people also should know that not everybody who spent their time on social networks is for leisure. Social networks are a new communication media that has revolutionized the world.

Evey day, we are creating more and more a virtual community which is essential in the world where we live. Social networks are something accesible to everyone, easy to use, and free for everybody. However, the question is… Why we use social networks?

Besides being a communication media between users, social networks make a powerfur bidirectional communication between users and brands that share content and experiences interacting in real time. More than a tool, social media have a strong influence keeping this world “connected”.

Certainly, a whole digital revolution that has taken us from “information is power” to “The need to communicate”. I’m sure you also have heard “If it is not on the network, it has never happened.” 

The questions now are..

Social Networks or Social media?

What is the difference? Are they the same?

When we talk about social networks we mean as online services that enable users to send and read content that people is sharing. We are talking about the interaction that occurs between these social networks in which we spend our time.

Companies know the stron growth being experienced and the huge impact they generate. With #hastags, even Tv shows are in the network.  As you can see, with social media, interaction is assured every day!

With Brands communication strategies, companies increasingly include social networks as the digital strategy to its markteing. Community managers and social media marketing are as important as have a communication plan.

Among the goals they can pursue are strengthening the brand image or to get a bidirectional and direct communication with clients.

Some of the advantages offered by social networks are a great influence by brands, impact, visibility, customer loyalty, marketing research and communication. After all, a finite medium where there are no limits.

However, social media is not only communication. Social networks approach to business users, create emotional and experiential marketing through the network and improve brand positioning.

Furthermore, there are different social networks that as tools, we know:

  • Blogging tools (Blogger, WordPress), Wikis (wikipedia) or new ones like Digg.
  • Tools to share videos (Youtube), photographs (Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram), etc.
  • Tools to post text and links or nanoblogging (Twitter)
  • General social networks as tools (Facebook, Tuenti, My space)
  • Professional tools (Linkedin, Xing)
  • Chats or virtual worlds (Habbo)

Undoubtedly, there are many onlinenetworks that we can bring great benefits to its use, but make no mistake, social networks will be effective if we use the right as our business activity.

As I told you in the post The Art of Giving the Least of Yourself : how to get more with less.

“It doesn’t achieved very much doing much, It is achieved doing the appropiate.”

For this reason companies want to have more knowledge to do it much better. However, we have to be very careful with social networks, as the same way we can improve the brand image, social networks can also damage it.

The Internet as important as the identity that you have as the reputation you generate. Your personal branding is also online.

Finally, I would like to highligh all this digital or online revolution with an example:

Social networks have jumped on stage and are working with shows! The Hole 2, a spanish show, features twitter interaction in live:

For the first time in Spain, shows are betting on a play by the interaction between audience and actors through mobile apps, social networks, online games and augmented reality combined with screens.

Prodware, Microsoft Dynamic partner in Spain and Europe, has been the responsible of this. In order to use its technology to promote online reputation monitoring, develop campaigns and promote the show, we can see how strong is the revolution that social networks performed.
As Iñaki Fernandez, executive producer of Letsgo Company explains:
“The Hole 2 is a show with an innovative technological component, which combines the use of social networks, mobile applications and online reputation management” 


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