They don’t care about brands, they care about the experience!

“The consumer will forget what you said and what you did, but never forget how you made them feel”

Everybody knows this famous quote that serves marketers to introduce people into the topic I’m coming to explain below. For this reason, and as I said in others posts, experiential marketing and emotional marketing are becoming very important in marketing strategies. A trend which communicates, transmits, creates loyal and monetize.

However, every day we can see how experiential marketing is gaining relevance to emotional marketing. This happens because the consumer prefers feel the experience and even let it influence our behaviour that just see bu no feel the real emotion.

 The powe of emotions on our decisions is a reflection so irrational that even the most rational person can be able to control at all.

Emotions come and go. And doesn’t matter how much influence you have or you try through emotional marketing, it is not able to leave the same footprint who gests the experiential marketing. 

As humans, we seek fun. If we see something that we will allow a unique experience, even it is a marketing action, we doesn’t matter wheter one brand or another who develops it. We just want fun. However, brands know it. They seek to be there. They want to be the carriers of that incredible experience that will leave its mark on us all.

“We shouldn’t just see and hear the brands, we also have to live them in a unique, authentic and memorable way”

José Cantero Gómez.

Since 2007, It was anticipated that this new communication trend will revolutionizw the marketing world. Seven years later, and from my most honest opinion, I think it still has much to do and surprise.

This unexpected and innovative actions that impact both surprised and not just leave that footprint we talked to consumers, will give us much to talk about. Generating buzz marketing among the many benefits of the Marketing experiential, both for the brand and for the customer.

The virality of these actions and the Web 2.0 get that qho experience be surprised and fall in love with them. Besides,with this also manages to surprise who discovering through Internet or interacting in Social Media.

I can think of many examples of experiential marketing would fit perfectly with this post, however, that I’ll put below are two examples of those I commented that just discovered on internet:

The first of these,  is a marketing action was conducted in UK to promote the brand Carte Noire Insinct. Thanks to the collaboration of the Work Club digital agency, they managed to transform a shop window in an amazing sensory experience combining sounds and audiovisual effects that were projected in real time on the screen, providing a unique experience to the public who was in the area.

The fun thing about these situations is besides having a large crowd of people waiting to experience, is the own expectation who captures the attention and gets people come to live the experience.

The second example is a marketing action that developed in Peru McDonald’s in Children’s Day.

However this amazing action was not directed towards the most kids in the house, It was directed to adults.

We were all children once, we all seemed enormously large, and huge unknown world that fascinated us where we looked we looked. In order to recreate those feelings, McDonalds change their furniture for a XXL size that made them feel that sense of grandeur to any adult who approached ordering.  Definitely a unique experience!

Perhaps these two examples are not the most amazing that you may know. However, there are so many who today have made that, we still have much to see.

Point of sale’s shows, BTL Marketing actions, product launches, concerts, events, flagship stores, etc.There are infinite number ways to make Experiential Marketing!

There are so many benefits that this kind of Marketing generates, further to bring the consumer to the dealer adds value to the product, It improves brand image and builds customer relationships.

Finally, I encourage you to comment which are the examples of experiential marketing you have been surprised, or If it has been the case.. what have you experienced!


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