Colun Light presents the pop up store in which you pay with calories

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When logic is sorely lacking and marketing works, it’s normal to find out such an amazing actions as those developed by guerrilla marketing. Strategies that not all brands dare to develop, strategies that consumers love, strategies that get results.

As I ever commented, those are the actions that make a difference. I don’t know if you remember the case of  Pay with a Kiss, however in this case rather than with a kiss, you must pay with calories!

People who have attended to this sportswear pop-up store in Chile were surprised when they went to pay and they received answers like “It costs 50 calories”. For it, they must pay the clothes running in the treadmill or ryding a static bicycle!

This curious and surprising idea that has been carried out by Colun Light, the chilean dairy brand, in order to continue offering to its customers a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly a great initiative by the brand that enables consumers of the brand be motivated by health, fashion, and sports.

It is clear that these incredible marketing actions bring great benefits, also demand attention, attracting new customers and promote brand awareness.

In fact, is increasingly common to find those pop-up stores in many marketing actions carried out by brands.

Normally they are temporary shops or restaurants where brands offer a unique experience for all those lucky people who have the chance to find it.

As I said at the beginning, these actions of Marketing crazy they may seem, get results. That’s why rather than being a isolated action by the brand, is a corporate social responsability strategy by Colun Light. I mean, thanks to this strategy the brand has achieved ISO 14001 environmental certification among other national awards in safety and health.

 Just enjoy it for yourselves! 🙂

A great example of how any brand can make through marketing something exceptional! Not to mention the added value that can be seen both, on his  web and his facebook.


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