Starts your day with a smile with the last campaign of McDonalds

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The latest McDonalds campaign, that wakes up your smile, aims to promote the brand breakfasts in Spain. Innovation and creativity have not gone unnoticed.

There is no better than a good breakfast to start the day! For this reason McDonalds has decided to bet on breakfasts in order to satisfy them.

As Beatriz Fasutino, marketing and communication manager of McDoandls spain says:

“Breakfast in Spain are part of our culture and with this launch not only opened a very important line of business they want, from now on, part of everyday consumer and choose us as an option for breakfast”

For that, the brand has designed and implemented a communication strategy to lauch a campaig, with undoubtedly, has given to much of himself!

The campaign has been created by  TBWA Madrid and with the idea of enjoying breakfast to start the day, we can see this campaign in television, street marketing, outdoor advertising, radio and internet.

March 18, 2014 was the breakfast day, (#DíaDelDesayuno) in McDonald’s! The company invited everyone a bacon and egg McMuffin between 10 to 12 o’clock. An action that they already took place last year to promote its two new McMenús McRib and classic BBQ Chicken.

With the aim to continue “Despertando sonrisas” (Awakening smiles), the brand has recorded several videos as this flashmob in which, without any doubt, his goal has been more than reached.

And it was not only some McDonald’s employees who recorded this fun action. The brand also applied a dance marketing action to recorded a flashmob with many of its customers! (You can see more videos in its YouTube channel)

Its advertisement commercial, broadcast on television has also been one of the most important parts of the campaign.

But undoubtedly the strong point for excellence has been in oudoor advertising. Furthermore to conventional billboards advertising with its slogan “Seguimos buscando despertar tu sonrisa” (We continue seeking to awaken your smile), the campaign has surprised us all with the “Sonrisometro”; a mupi that gives McDonald’s coffee to anyone who smile. You only has to be in front of the camera and show it your greatest smile to get a ticket that can available to spend in any establishment of the company for a coffee.

One more time, marketing keeps evolving and showing usa better marketing. As in this campaign, creativity and innovation shines once again by the strong impact that it has on their clients. Furthermore, the experiences given away and emotional marketing are also part of this great communication strategy.

 Without much more to say, Heed McDonald’s…

The day begins with a smile! 🙂 


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