Advertising campaigns that should be made more often: “Because who is perfect?”

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It’s interesting when a campaign gets to create a reaction in people. I mean, besides the main goal of the campaign, It’s nice when marketing helps to change the world.
Obviously, we are talking about cultural and social reactions. Social marketing has that power. The power of awareness despite who or what is behind the campaign.
In December of 2013, due to the International Day of Disabled People, the organization Pro Infirmis created a campaign who whose aim was none other than the acceptance of those people: people with disabilities. For this reason, Pro Infirmis changed the normal mannequins of a shop in Zurich (Switzerland) for other mannequins with physical disabilities.
The whole process was recorded and released by the organization in several languages via YouTube. Pro Infirmis took measures to people like Jazmines Rechteiner (winner of Miss Handicap with maltformations in the spine), Kelly Knox (winner of BBC Missing Top Model of Britain) or Edwin Aljukic (an actor with the disease brittle bones) and subsequently, they modified the mannenquins placed in these shop windows.
Thanks to this campaign, models saw a recreation of their own figures in the windows of this store in Zurich. Moreover, Pro Infirmis get raise awareness about people with disabilities, specifically, in the fashion world.
In addition, also some stores like Norstrom or Debenhams (British department stores) have been inluding diversity mannenquins in their stores.
If we consider that fashion is one of the areas with more stereotypes, there is no better slogan than the slogan of this campaign:
“Because who is perfect? Get Closer”
I would like to emphazise once again the main goals of advertising, specially the goal of raising awareness that mixed with marketing is able to carry out such extraordinary social campaigns like this one. I highlight this because “Who is perfect” has achieved to become a worldwide viral campaign with a social impact of more than 45 million views on Twitter. It will be better to see for yourselves:

“Often we cling to ideals rather than accept life in their representations of diversity,” said Mark Zumbühl, head of communication for Infirmis.
The mannequins created for this campaign were placed in various stores across the country as We Fascino, Fashion PKZ or Schild and Bernies. People stopped to observe these peculiar mannequins, besides it reflected on a variety of physical existence, coinciding in “All bodies are beautiful and special and are entitled to be represented and appreciated in its entirety.”
Is certain that see mannequins with only one leg or scoliosis impact and cause considerable surprise to people. However, they are as real as people with this disabilities.
Like this one, there are many examples of social campaigns in need of such awareness. Hopefully, for one reason or another, social marketing will continue carrying out campaigns like this.
Finally, I would like to share with you another campaign of Pro Infirmis in order to raise awareness of cognitive impairment, a call to the great need to raise awareness of discrimination and exclusion are often people with disabilities.
Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer?
Enjoy it!


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