Brands have a new infallible weapon: Events!

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Time ago I talk about the importance of entertainment for brands due to change that has occurred in the communication last century.

As I told you in The book of Bob, entertainment is what catches the attention of customers. For this reason, we must create ideas that people want to include in their time.

Concerts, markets, festivals, there are many options from which we can choose to offer them the best entertainment of their lives. Involving customers and inviting them to live unique experiences is the secret for getting their attention.

The purpose of advertising is to create new ideas that get the consumer to experience the world of a brand voluntarily. If customers wants entertainment, and brands wants customers, we have the answer to why the brands are who organize events that fill the leisure of people.

We can talk about it with many examples, one of them is the series festival of Canal +.  The ‘Homoseries’ is celebrated in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. (Spain)


Create an experience that is worthy of being mentioned by customers is not too complicated nowadays. I mean, thanks to experiential marketing and social media impact, brands can determine their communication strategy. Furthermore, these are two of the trends that dominate nowadays.

This leads me to say how social networks have increased the impact of marketing actions in the communication process of an event and the buzz marketing that consumers generate.

Due to series have become into a social phenomenon, Canal + continues to promote the series as the star of the channels that make up their main television supply. An offer that has crossed the borders of the screen and has resulted in a festival that has not left indifferent anyone.


This festival has already made six editions, each more innovative, surprising and more complete to the previous edition. In this latest edition has not only been projected series by the different channels of the brand, workshops, photocalls, concerts and many other activities like BIRRASERIES or CROSSOVER CHALLENGE.

BIRRASERIES launched a challenge to all the ‘seriéfilos’ (series addicts) of Madrid, through the Birrasieries Fight Club, all fans could defend their favorite serie and get it to be the best of the year. Furthermore, , CROSSOVER challenged them to make the best spin-of possible. Without any doubt, all a unique brand experience for all those attending.
More information in Canal + Series, Facebook and Twitter.

All these events may go unnoticed by many people, however, they are a great place for businesses. As I said before, thanks of them the consumer gets the experience and the brand also gets the customer.

To get create brand experiences that people want to include in their time is necessary to adopt the groundbreaking, creative and innovative attitude that characterizes the lateral thinking.

Lateral thinking is a way of understanding creativity and skirting the edge of the logic to overcome. As defined by Kotler and Fernando Trias de Bes: Lateral thinking talk about “New Techniques for finding breakthorough ideas.” A thought which enables us to “Think otside the box”.

In conclusion I would like to highlight the growing importance more and more the events as communication trend and marketing strategy. The event not only has become the central element of many communication actions allowing the brand to materialize and offer the most communicable and viral of it. In addition it also guarantees the direct interaction with the target of it.

Moreover, thanks to the power that have acquired social networking nowadays, events allows Brand measure ROI. Without a doubt an entire set of elements that help the brand to achieve the objectives set by the fusion of various communication trends.


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