Living marketing returns to blowing candles!

bandera-es You can also read this post in Spanish / También puedes leer este post en español bandera-es

And this is the third one! 

10th of January is still a importang date that goes on and on!

First of all I would like to apologize for the absence of the first week! But as everything, this also has a reason! I’m writing you from the Netherlands!

Besides all the changes, and moving here, Living marketing is kept up to date!

As I told you last year when we were blowing the second candle of this big cake, the desire, enthusiasm and passion are still present!

But this new year is coming with new and amazing purposes! Once achieved and changed the new design of the blog, Do we dare with a second language?

For now I’m not going to say yes or not to anything, I just can say that I’m starting to see the strong potential that Marketing has here in the Netherlands, and…  I am looking forward telling you more! 😉

Finally, and doing again tribute to this day, and especially this last year we’ve left behind, I would like to thank all those people who support me and help me with infinite patience that do possible this to continue. THANK YOU!

And remember, Never lose the illusion to persist with what you most like!


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