Now more than ever, McDonald’s for everyone!

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If you have studied Marketing, you shall have it more than memorized, and if you don’t, I’m sure you have read or heard about how important it is to analyze the market and its trends.

Marketing  department is not only responsible for creating and advertising campaigns for the brand. Marketing actions performed by a brand are much more than that: they are responsible for having both the customer and the company satisfied.

It may be that some people see marketing as profitability, sales and busineess. It is a war that has always been present. But marketing has evolved considerably in the recent years, and as I mentioned in previous articles, nowadays, as always, the kings are the customers.

They have the power, whatever their needs are. That is why the market needs to be analyzed.

One of the competitive advantages of McDonald’s is its differentiation. Marketing actions performed by the brand not only help it differentiate from the others, but the offer that the own brand has adapts to its customers.

It is precisely for this reason that innovation and research are key factors of the marketing.

McDonald’s has proven to be an innovative brand since marketing not only shines in advertising campaigns or activities that take place around the world, but packaging is another strength that the brand likes to play with.

I could go on giving examples, but there is no greater certainty that the relational marketing the brand strives every day to consolidate even more. We can see that in many of his campaigns, but one that I really like was made last year for Father’s day.

Nevertheless, today I want to write about the new spot made by McDonald’s to promote their products suitable for coeliacs.

The agency has been responsible for conducting the spot is none other than TBWA Madrid. A beautiful piece that can be enjoyed in television, radio, internet and print media..

With the slogan “All happy, all together” McDonald’s goes back to demonstrate and strengthen once again its relationship with the customers, and specially in this case, with the kids

“If It could not make every children laugh, it would not be Happy Meal”. 

Likewise, the brand promotes not only its range of gluten-free products, but also the children’s menu Happy Meal.

Returning to the beginning of the article, and to put an end to it, I would like to highlight what we might call one of the latest trends that are occurring in the market. We have never heard before so much about celiacs as we do now, however, and although McDonad’s has a wide range of gluten-free products since 2011, it is now more than ever when brands are realizing the strong and growing need that many of their customers have. Due to market analysis and its needs, brands are opting to include that to their offer. Let’s hope that many more brands take Mc Donald’s as a example.


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One thought on “Now more than ever, McDonald’s for everyone!

  1. C.

    Ya era hora que se preocupasen por las nuevas alergias e intolerancias, y sobre todo que los más peques pudiesen disfrutar como cualquiera.

    Y como no, ha sido McDonalds. Gran estrategia, gran Marketing Relacional y, GRAN POST 😉

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