The art of entrepreneurship

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The art of entrepreneurship is an art that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. We like to say that we are entrepreneurs, we have the spirit and courage that requires pursue our dreams…

Entrepreneurship is raising our dreams beyond reality.

But it is? We hear and read a lot more still on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial attitude and motivation. They tell us not be content with work on something that gives us the necessary income to survive and we we launch into the adventure of entrepreneurship, to create our future.

Undertake is much more than a word with renowned undertake is a challenge, is to take the risk to start promoting your own business. It is giving way to fear or the difficulties.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, to fail or lose; the insistence and persistence are key to success

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Without any doubt, the attitude that you need arises at the time you let passion take over you. That is when the entrepreneur inside of you begins to be born and to seek all opportunities with your work, your perseverance and your hard work will make you an exceptional entrepreneur.

As Maxwell said:

“When you want to start something, there will be many people who will tell you not to do. When they see they can’t stop you, they will tell you how you have to do, and when they finally see that what you have achieved, they will say that they always believed in you”

If you have an idea, a passion, or a dream: Take the chance.

Dare you to undertake? To fight for your future? Entrepreneurship is the best way we can take in the times we live in, because it’s the way that we create. We who take the decisions and responsibilities, but also we who collect the fruits of our efforts. Learning to undertake is an art, a risk. It is not the same living your life?

No matter what your dream has to do with being an entrepreneur, dressmaker, player, teacher, architect or doctor. The art of entrepreneurship is the attitude that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

As I already told you in “Whatever you do, do it with passion” has never done anything great without enthusiasm.

Finally, I would encourage you to see a video in which Emilio, the great guru of optimism, tell us more about this. It is a bit long, but worth it. (It is in spanish)

Hint: after the first 5 minutes good starts 😉

Enjoy it! 


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