McDonald’s accepts love as currency exchange.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, brands become more affectionate than ever.

And is that despite being one of the busiest shopping time of the year with the holidays , it is precisely at this time where we can enjoy one of the best trends in communication that brands develop in marketing campaigns:  marketing actions.

If you live in America you’ll enjoy and discover which is the last campaign McDonald’s: ‘Pay with Lovin’ .

Until February 14 the US company accepts love as currency : kisses, hugs, selfies, phone calls, dances, and any other gesture of love that comes to mind. Then it will be the establishment employee who decides who deserves gesture is carried free order.

However  these actions seem very wild, is not the first time you perform. In Australia we could see as the Metro Cafe St James made ​​his known worldwide as viral and action ‘Pay with a Kiss’ where you could pay your coffee with a kiss ..

More than a marketing action, we talk about marketing strategies. Campaigns that perform brands to engage customers , gain notoriety and generate viral marketing.

The announcement of the campaign was posted on You Tube channel brand and commercials aired during the SuperBowl . As a representative of McDonald’s US broadcaster ‘AB ‘ said: “We have lots of fun ways to express our love.”

I made ​​that demonstrate this and many of its  marketing actions such as that developed in Spain to promote their McDonald’s breakfast. And is that McDonald’s knows what it’s doing. Regardless of its products for 1 euro or other marketing actions you made where brand customers were able to test their new products for free , McDonald’s keeps its what matters is not to come, is to return”

However, as the same way that many other marketing actions, and what McDonald’s representes, this campaign has generated much controversy in social networks and media in terms of childhood obesity. Again the same controversy as with Coca- Cola, the brand pursues whatever you do. What people don´t understand is that the problems of obesity doesn´t fall on the consumption of a product, It comes form the uncontrolled consumer as a person.

Finally, speaking in terms of marketing, we could say that McDonald’s has again a medal around his neck with another of its many marketing activities where certainly no other star that all customers .


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