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As you can see, important changes are coming in Living Marketing. For this reason, this week’s post is going to be special.

In specific times we looked back together, I usually speak in plural, and today I come to explain why.

Living marketing and its author, are two, but behind the public image of the blog are thousands of people whose support, advice, and with their help make possible the development of this place where we are. –Thank you everybody.-  

Regardless of being a blog, a website or a project, for me Living marketing is a personal brand.

Here, we have learned marketing together. We have learned content across many examples, spots, marketing actions and amazing marketing campaigns. We also have talked about motivation, personal branding and attitude.  It is because in Living Marketing, as well its name implies, we talk about marketing and attitude. The attitude of daring and live what we most like.

For this reason, and due to the upcoming changes, I can’t be more proud of the progress. Because It is already three years since I started and both the first and the second and the third. It has not been a single time that I have lost the will to not write, not to make changes, not to redesign the web, no keep progressing.

Everything started as an idea. An idea that has ended up becoming a dream.

For this reason today I want to share with you some videos that reflect what I mean. Let’s enjoy it!

You just have an idea and made it happened, because you believe.  Put your ideas into reality. 

Where does your life? Where your dreams take you.

“Dreams are our whys of life, the fuel of our engine, which stimulates us and what creates the illusion necessary to fight for what we want. So you have to take them very present to prevent our fears make us forget our dreams. When we know what we want and focus on it, that vision generates the necessary strength and motivation to continue always moving forward. “

(spanish video)

“Where your dreams take you.”  by Javier Iriondo. 

Finally, and for those who don’t t have it so clear, I also was there once. But I am also a person who is moving for many impulses, and although more than six years ago, I can assure you  that worth discovering where they lead us.

“We believe that everything we do, we think it in a rational manner and that our instincts are a thing of the past. Do you consider yourself a rational person completely owns his actions and everything he does? Are much the instincts that drive us every day, many instincts that we do not have that fight against them. Why not move us by the impulses that we feel irrationally?”

(spanish video)

“Buscar o descubrir” (find or discover) by Lytos



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