Turn your passion into your profession? Antic&Chic tell us how to do it!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about The art of entrepreneurship, other times I have encouraged to pursue what you most like and give power to the passion inside us.

I know that nowadays it seems impossible due to the crisis and other factors that affect business, but entrepreneurship continues to grow in Spain. This is possible because rather than knowing or not how to do it, what really matters is the attitude of daring to start and not giving up of entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is someone who believes in what he does 100%.

Besides work, risks, or investments, there is a determining factor in any process of entrepreneurship: Passion.

However in this article you are not going to find tips or motivational phrases about entrepreneurship, today I come to speak about passion of entrepreneurship. A passion that I saw reflected by two entrepreneurs who talked about the project that they carried to Beefeater London District. An event who was celebrated in Madrid by Beefeater where people could enjoy with 18 projects who invited them to live a unique experience.

b2bb89d5f0fa2064fcb23b880bd4cd97They are Antic&Chic. You can know them a little more and enjoy the passion that has led them to where they are nowadays in the following interview.

Marc y Cèlia, creators of Antic&Chic, respond to questions from ‘Atrévete con el Marketing’ did them.

Can you give us a brief introduction which is your project and how it all started?

We are a plastic artist and son of a carpenter who decided to create a project that unite these two facets and we set a challenge: transporting artistic creation to our room to express emotions through decoration. Of this way was born Antic & Chic, a workshop and online store where our creativity and emotions arise projects with soul.

Considering this is a project with a strong emotional base, How to believe that this influence your project? What role do you believe you have the passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship?

We were interested in capture the expression of emotions in decoration pieces, just as he had already achieved Cèlia through his art, so emotions are actually the basis of this project. Find a form of creation to respect the origin, and that in turn allow us to convey the emotions that contains every piece has been our goal and thus get only pieces that tell stories and create intimate emotions in people that have..


Passion and enthusiasm are the staple to achieve your dreams and to overcome all the difficulties that you find on the road (usually many). Without them, it’ll give up and leave early.

What does undertaken to you?

Making our passions, our profession … It certainly dive into the pool and flying out of your comfort zone, with all that that entails …

What individuals and institutions that you can name have a strong influence on you to get to the point where are you feeling today?

In one hand, the blogger world made us dream of what we liked and felt could be a job, such as two American Barb Blair (Knack Studios) and Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed). In the another hand, closer but not in our area, entrepreneurs like Elia of Superyuppies, Lucia Lucia Be, or Mr Wonderful been a strong inspiration and motivation to create the company.

Why do you think that entrepreneurship has had and is having so popular in recent years?

Fortunately or unfortunately, job instability has awakened a large majority, who believed it was better and safer work for others. Given the current uncertainty stage, the possibility of doing what you really want and your passion is much more attractive and fear is no longer an obstacle.

However, there are many people who are halfway through the risks and the effort involved, what can you tell us about this?

Not everyone is made to undertake, there will always be people working more comfortable for others. For those who want to undertake, if the project you have in mind not motivate you enough, maybe it’s time to rethink a new project and above all do not be afraid of failure, because this will give you much more information than success.

What advice you would give about entrepreneurship to future entrepreneurs?

Do not be afraid to dream, to assess how they would like to live (not just working), to design your dream project: If you want leisure, travel, work in teams or work alone, the work environment … From there, everything what is done with enthusiasm and passion is much easier to get it right and, therefore, to succeed …

Friends, readers, future entrepreneurs, you know. Don’t be afraid to dream and be the creators of your life. The art of entrepreneurship is just that, an art. But make your dreams reality is much more than an art.. 

A million thanks to Marc and Cèlia for their collaboration and make possible this article.

There is nothing better than seeing through an example to understand any aspect and make it our. I’ve always been one to have thought that passion moves the world. It’s nice to see that it is, and there are people that works so well that we witnessed. 


Finally, I hope that you like me, they will  have transmitted a hint of passion and I take they will take that boost that we need to dare to plunge into the pool, get out of the comfort zone and understand that dreams if they are achievable and only up to us to go for them!

For more information about Antic&Chic  you can check their webtwitterfacebook, Instagram y Pinterest. 

Have a nice day! 🙂 


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