Digital Era: Do we like or it scares us?

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Do humans create technology or technology creates us?

We live hooked on social networks and devices throught which we visit them daily. Everyday new devices and new updates are created; The dizzying speed that is reaching technology today is not a surprised topic to anybody. We were born and we are living in the digital era. A new era where technology is transforming the future into the present.

As I quoted in “What seemed like science fiction is not anymore”,  We are not aware of the great technological changes we are experiencing. The technology is undervalued is undervalued in the short term and overrated in the long term. For this reason and some videos that have made me think about it, today I come to talk again about the impact of technology is having on society and marketing.

To begin I would like to share with you how will be the future, by Microsoft.

Companies make large investments in technology to have a more efficient marketing. We have become dependent on technology. Mobile apps, new products, softwares…° we like and we want everything.

When we are talking about Digital marketing, we are talking about the developments that had taken the traditional marketing of any digital channel on which it is provided. Digital marketing strategies that follow brands have become indispensable in the marketing plan. The reason of this is more clear than water if you are reading this article. Everybody is online.

However, when we talk about technology, we must also do it about society. This is where we can relate marketing, technology and society. As you know, google glasses is just one of many examples that we could put to talk about this fact.

Can you imagine waking up and living this way?

How many other things in life, technology has that particular effect: love or hate. Many people feel fascination with these innovative products, but some people also feel fear and disgust at this isthe future that awaits us.

In fact, due to the change that is already occurring in society as a result of technology, Internet and social networks; What do you think? Does technology distances us?

Of course technology has changed the way we do marketing. It has changed the way we live. It has changed also our brain. As conclusion I would like to encourage you to watch this video where you would find five different ways of how social networks have affected our brain is. Enjoy it! 

“Although it may sound crazy, technology has begun to restructure our nervous system



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