What happens when marketing celebrates Mother’s day!

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I must confess that I love when marketing take action on this kind of specials days and creates incredible actions to all of them: moms of the world.

There are special days for special people, and marketing is not a creator of it as much as many -dinosuaur- people strive to keep believing. However, it is true that marketing likes to be present in these days, and make them even more special for all those to whom they are directed.

As I’ve already told you on more than once, Emotional marketing has a great potential as a strategy for brands. Not only for the emotional bond that generates and appeals between the consumer and the brand, it is for the great stimulation that generate these emotions in preserving the reputation and improving brand image.

In honor of all mothers, as every first sunday of May, today we want to dedicate this compilation of marketing actions that some brands have done to celebrate and tribute Mother’s day:

Pandora, jewelry brand, has wanted to transmit that every mom is unique and their children well know to recognize them.

This is a spot that shows us the connection between mothers and children but it also demostrates how each woman is unique. I encourage you to enjoy the message that this beautiful spot has to all of us!

What happens when we introduce the heartbeat of a mother in a song? Nivea has wanted to pay tribute to mothers with one of the sweetest gestures that they have with all their children. With this goal, Nivea Creme has conducted an experiment with five mothers, their children, five groups of spanish Indie music and the help of the Doctor Jose Luis Zunzunegui who have managed to create five lullabies born five hearts.

A beautiful and heartwarming gift for Mother’s Day that has managed to make them the same relaxing feeling that all of them passed on to their own children.

Adolfo Domínguez has used the occasion to merge its essence with the classic gift that all mothers usually receive in this beautiful day: a million of flowers.

callao-rosas-reasonwhy.es_With the help of Komodo Communication and JCDecaux, lthe brand has brought spring to Callao, the metro station of Madrid. With these white roses, as the main component og her perfume ‘Agua de Rosas‘, Adolfo Domínguez has wanted to “fill up with white light and warm aromas” the days of all the mothers who have walked through this metro station of Madrid. 

The thousand repetitions that our mothers made us with thousands of details have been saved in us. As Volkswagen tells us in this spot: “Everyone has a bit of mother”.

Without any doubt, a charged humor tribute that also seeks to transmit that If a car is like a child, all of us act like a mother. 

In the same line, Campofrío reused emotion and sensitivity of their spots to surprises us with this new campaign. A tribute to all mothers who like this, they ever have thought… “Now that I’m a mother, I remember all the things that my mother taught me” 

Hero Baby has gone a little further than a mother thinks and It has surprised us with this lovely spot where the value is in the time that they spend together.

Grupo Hero, Baby food and Jams leader, presents this emotional spot that fits perfectly into its campaign: “Parenting madness: a concept that aims  to encourage them to embark them on the great adventure of having a child.”

For all his dedication and unconditional love, because for them, all the time in the world is not enough, and for us every moment is unique.

Finally, and referring external marketing, brands also take to the streets to honor all moms!Calvo_madres

“They know it”. With this campaign Calvo presents its new marketing action.

Under the slogan “a mother is impossible to fool. Take heed your instinct”, Calvo shows us this fun action that has as goal to tribute all moms in the world, and also it aims to improve the brand image in social networks.

#HappyMothersDay to all the mothers of the world! 🙂


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