Knows, understands and applies your Inbound Marketing strategy

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Inbound Marketing, content marketing, online marketing, marketing 3.0.. Whether if you like it or not, there are many expressions in marketing that you should know However, due to the speed at marketing envolves us nowadays, new expressions are defining a new way to do marketing online or rather, defining entire strategies with a fancy name.  In fact, since online marketing defines much of the whole strategy implemented, marketing 3.0 installed the content as the king of it. Accordingly, there are increasingly users, thanks to bidirectional communication, who are looking for the brands and companies they most like.

Consequently, and due the relevance that all this is taking in the world of marketing, today we are going to talk about Inbound marketing as the new strategy of marketing online, what is it, what it does and why it is so important. And we are going to do it using the help of  Increnta, Inbound Marketing experts, to tell you everything in detail.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that is designed to attract potential customers to your company, do they know you, they love you and want to work with you

Therefore, Inbound Marketing os a set of non intrusive techniques that allow us to attract customers by adding value through marketing content, social media, etc. Inbound marketing is summarized in four words: to create, optimize, promote and convert. For this, Inbound marketing uses the following guidelines: :

  • Content is the star: We create customized content that captures the most attracting users.
  • Customization according to the specific needs of each user.
  • Viral Marketing: Social Networks are the perfect place to practice Inbound Marketing interacting with users.
  • Analytical study traffic to finally turn that user on our client (loyalty)

inbound-marketing-graphicUnderstands users (and potencial customers) is as important as any other part of the strategy we want to define. As we know by Bob, are users themselves who located the company or the brand they want and interact with. Currently, communication is bidirectional and is as important to know our users as give them voice in the process of communication.

Given the above points, we can consider the following key Inbound Marketing:

  1. Generate traffic to your site related with your target audience (SEO-SEM and a good use of keywords may help you as much as having well structured your website)
  2. Once generated traffic to your website, the next step is the analysis and conversion. CalltoAction, landing pages and forms are three keys that make this part of the process.
  3.  E-mail Marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  to close the process.
  4. Finally, we can’t forget that the main goal of Inbound Marketing is to offer relevant content to our users. For this reason, interaction in social networks should always be present to sthrengthen customer loyalty. Sending newsletters too.

Summarizing…; Inbound Marketing is a methodology whereas content marketing is a technique, a tactic. Let me just sum that up before we move on to the following point: Neither Inbound or content marketing are promotional or intrusive content, they are useful and relevant content to users and companies. However, in order to create an effective content marketing it is essential to know our users. Both are responsible for attracting users rather than chase them.

If we only use content marketing, we will be creating quality content to attract users whereas Inbound marketing goes beyond seeking to click into leads and end up getting their email in order to loyalty.

Brian Halligan, CEO de HubSpot, tells us how it differs Inbound marketing from content marketing:

Content is necessary, but not sufficient in today’s marketing world. If a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it? Same thing with content no one ever sees–it doesn’t move the needle with your audience. So I think content is the fuel for inbound marketing goodness, but when I think about what makes inbound tick, it’s truly rethinking the consumer experience to be more frictionless (…) To me, that’s the big difference between content marketing and inbound marketing: content is a fundamental part of both philosophies, but inbound marketing goes beyond content and extends to every element of the customer interaction”.

Finally, and highlighting the essence of Inbound Marketing, we tell you how Increnta defines the main keys of it with each of the letters that compose it.

  • Novelty. Inbound Marketing is the new advertising customer love.
  • Branding. Boost your brand image through interesting content.
  • Organization. Make a plan to post useful content.
  • Unification.. Performs actions with homogeneous sense.
  • Naturalness Try to find a better communication with your target
  • Dinamización. (Revitalization) Apply a good strategy for dinamic interaction with social networks.


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  1. […] Inbound marketing is a strategy that is designed to attract potential customers to your company, do they know you, love you and want you. […]

  2. […] Inbound marketing is a strategy that is designed to attract potential customers to your company, do they know you, love you and want you. […]

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