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Discover uknown campaigns on internet is one of the things I most like. Whether it is because the fitness world increasingly is hitting harder, because Youtube has decided to show me the commercial spot, or however due to this is one of the campaigns that has won a Grand Prix in creative awards Cannes Lions. Today I come to speak of the most relevant campaings of Under Armour, an american sports apparel and footwear company: “I will” and “I will what I want“.

Specifically, we will use them to speak about engagement marketing, a technique very contested by companies and sports brands in their marketing strategies.

In 2013, “I will” was launched to the market like the world’s biggest campaign marketing by Under Armour. In fact, “I will” was designed to pump up the passion and determination that drives all athletes to do their best. As Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour says: Iwill 

“Today, Under Armour inspires the next generation of athletes to unleash their inner determination, and our registered trademark “I WILL” confirms our promise to continually redefine the future performance and results through innovation that will help give an advantage to athletes” .

In 2014 the brand introduced “I will what I want, an advertising campaign that was not aimed at all athletiv and sportwomen, but rather, to all who want to be.

Kevin Plank announced that the new advertising campaign “I will what I Want” came from the hand of great sportwomen from New York. Designed for large women and aimedat a specific target: Women.

In its promotional strategy they have created a series of videos which describe the importance of getting ahead despite being criticized and sometimes even be discouraged to realize your dream.I hope you enjoy the commercial starring Misty Copenand, which begins with a voiceover saying “Dear candidate, please apply to our ballet school; unfortunately you were not accepted … “.

I encourage you to see it to the end and feel like herself firmly concludes ”I will what I want.”

It doesn´t matter what others think. It´s what you believe.

For all those want to know more about the advertising campaign of Under Armour, I encourage them to visit their website.

Knowing the mission of the brand is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation, it’s time to talk about engagment marketing.

What I most like about this kind of campaign is that within what is considered emotional marketing, this one is a great example of inspire marketing. And UA is not the only brand who uses it, its known many cases of sporting brands have focused their latest advertising campaigns in inspire women to achieve their goals. One example is “Better for it”, the latest Nike advertisign campaign. (Did you know that pro Nike and Under Armour arethe top sellers of performance apparel?)

Although not all the brands that follow such strategies in their advertising campaigns know, we are talking about a great example of engagement marketing.

Engagement means commitment, therefore, what the brand seeks to make engagement marketing is to motivate and create come bonds with their customers. As I told you once, we are all irrational by nature, and because of our irrationality, we want to admit it or not, we are also  unwittingly brand people.

“Engagement is the art of creating a relationship of unconditional love towards a brand.“.

This concept, also known as Lovemarks, is directly linked to engagement marketing. The brand seeks to make us fall in love, and more than for their products, the brand seeks to do so with our emotions.

A tool, a strategy or a technique. Whatever you want to call it, it works.

However, since you may be fans of brands such Nike, Adidas, UA, Rebook, or any sports brand, Would you are faithful to your love one or are you going from one to another?

Although all this to create engagement marketing and strive to seduce customers is okay. Brands have much more to consider when defining its strategy: market analysis, segmentation, corporate reputation management, marketing online, ad campaign strategy, offline marketing actions (marketing Below the line), etc. Okay! Anybody said it’d be easy, but as UA has managed to convey: I WILL!

Finally, I encourage you to see all the commercials of  ”I will” and “I will what I want“. Enjoy them!

I will men:

I will women:

I will what I want:

Women of will:



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