Sportainment as the redefinition of sports marketing.

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Although its name reveals what it is about, Sportainment born from the fusion between sport and entertainment. In fact, it’s true that sport is a way to be entertainment, however, for many peole sport is much more than a hobby.

If we start to talk about marketing, we would say that this is a new concept that aims to exploit the commercial side of sports marketing. I mean, it has meant the creation of a new format of commercial and media exploitation. Sport besides being the product has become the medium of choice.

This redefinition of sports marketing goes beyond events and sponsorships. From now, sports marketing seeks to create that bond with the fans as the same way as americans have been doing with soprting events such as the NBA or the Super Bowl since time immemorial.

In fact, sport has always been an easy hook. But more than a hook, this is something liked by the masses, and besides like, it entertains.

I really like talk about Bob as regarding the new era of entertainment in which we find ourselves:

Consumers seek fun. And the entertainment is what moves people.

Therefore, Sportainment goes to take the sport to the next level. It’s going to generate a story that connects to the fans and offer them more things to do before and after the event. The Sportainment must add the fun, should impress, should excite and should especially ensure that the memory is so good that you’ll stay with the desire to return.

More than a football, basketball or any global and/or sporting event, I will like to speak about a charity race that fits perfectly in this new Sportainment concept. Although the concept itself is beginning to be known nowadays, the redefinition of sports marketing has been performed for last few years.

carrera-de-la-mujer-sportlifeThe charity race I mean is the Women’s race by Central Lechera Asturiana. It is not just a race where you run for a good cause, but in addition to the mileage, are the experiences offered by its sponsors, the party after the race and the fair “Sport Woman” held in Ifema the same weekend that the race is celebrated in Madrid. Without any doubt, a whole experience impossible to forget for those who have lived.

Therefore and thanks to sportainment we can see another example of how the sport is much more than sport. I mean, when we talk about sport, we also talk about entertainment, we talk about passion, we talk about values and above all, we talk about emotions.

There are many other examples that we could talk when it comes to sports marketing is concerned, after all, we can’t forget that we are talking about the marketing spent working for sports.

Finally, we must remember that sportainment seeks to create that bond between people and the brand, or in this case, the team they most like. Most of times they use experiential marketing to do it.

If you still have any doubt, you can see the mapping that Real Madrid C.F performed for the presentation of the new official t-shirt in 2015. Possibly, another unforgettable experience that sport has left in the minds of those who witnessed it.

(the video is in spanish, but even like that, I recommend you see it and Enjoy it!) 


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