We like challenges. And Reebok likes to challenge.

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We already know that there is nothing like an experience to be remembered for life. And experiential marketing surprise us every day more with many marketing actions carried out by brands who bet on it as their main focus on communication strategies.

However. although every day the level is higher, Reebok has overcome by its last marketing action. And their new Zpump shoes are as impressive as their intrusion has also been.

Is true that the actions we are going to talk below, have been carried out in the most unexpected and unlikely place. Two actions in which Rebook has challenged all who were there to get in return the much deserved award. Otherwise take a look what Reebok has bundled in the cinema of South Korea with the campaign “Run the movie”:

The truth is that all these actions are okay, but they must be coherent with the brand and the product or service they promote. In this case, the brand has perfectly relate the concept of the brand, and in this case the product, with the action taken.

In addition, the best of this campaign is that both actions were conducted in two locations outside the sport, but where undoubtedly much of their target audience was.

Reebok is a sporting brand, but as we mentioned when we talked about Sportainment, sport is being increasingly taken to the entertainment field. In fact, sport is entertainment. It’s fun. And it is a challenge.

In this way was presented the other action developed by the brand in the subway in March also due to its new Zpump shoes.

In fact, it is not the first time that I speak about this kind of actions in which thank his ingenuity and creativity, they are having fun and guaranteed success. Otherwise, How do you explain that Reebok has achieved with the campaign of “Run the movie” almost 300,000 hits in just two days?

As we know, experiential marketing has many benefits as a marketing strategy is concerned. Not only reinforces brand awareness, It is also a key technique in attracting new customers and viral campaign. However, there is nothing like merge the emotions with experiences.. and boom!. Success is assured:

“The consumer will forget what you said and what you did, but never forget how you made them feel”

Finally, as I said at first, challenging the audience is something liked by the brands as much as we like to be challenged. If not, take a look at the past with these examples.


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