Listerine’s campaign helps blind people to feel the power of smiles.

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Listerine, one of the world’s best-selling consumer healthcare brands, has developed a smartphone app that helps blind people to “feel” when people are smiling.

This campaign is much more than the emotive short film that has been recorded or the app that has been developed. Related with the values of the brand and in order to generate engagement with their target, Listerine has made possible to feel the power of a smile. Even for those people who are not so easy.

The product behind the activity ties with its most recently launched product, ‘Listerine Advanced White’, a product very much tied to the smile, with people using the product to keep their teeth white and their smile looking its best.

As you could expect, the brand wanted highlight the smile in its campaign, but the agency that has taken over decided to do it helping blind people determine when others are smiling at them.

JWT London is the responsible for this awesomeness. The agency developed an app (available to download on Google Play for Android) which uses facial recognition technology and a smart phone’s camera to determine when someone is smiling, and then vibrates to let the blind or visually-impaired user know that they’ve been smiled at.

“Smiling isn’t just a smile, it can affect your life, and the lives of those around you, often in small but meaningful ways – there’s scientific research that links smiling with better mood, health, relationships and much more. Smiles really are more powerful than we realise.”

John Cherry, creative director on the project.

The app and campaign have been launched in the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, the Netherlands and Germany supporting the launch of Listerine Advanced White mouthwash.

JWT London also created an emotive short fil to promote it. Furthermore, Listerine plans to invest heavily in Facebook over other social channels in order to reach more people.

Without any doubt, the campaign is a refreshing departure from the typically more light-hearted ads we’re used to seeing for mouthwashes and serves as a touching reminder of how something so small that we may take for granted can make a big difference in how we make others feel.

“The campaign champions the power of a smile and the idea that smiles really do have an effect on those around you. We wanted to take that belief and use it to have a positive impact on people’s lives,”

Alice Lovell, brand manager of the brand.

In my opinion, Listerine has created something fabled. Rather than promoting its latest line product ‘Listerine Advanced White’, the brand has done good. And this, is the best marketing a company can do.

“It is fascinating to ask blind people how they experience smiling, if not by sight. Smiling is a universal human expression employed by people who were born blind. Even if they can’t see a face, blind people are very aware of the ‘feeling’ that smiling gives them, and they are often able to pick up when someone is smiling by listening to the quality of their voice. But there are some situations in which vocal quality is not enough and in which blind people would love to be able to detect when someone is smiling at them.”

Feel Every Smile. Your smile is more powerful than you think.


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