The world’s largest sport is in Decathlon!

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I love marketing. That is not something new. However, if there is something I like even more is when companies make use of it and reflect through its actions, strategies and brand positioning that passion that has led them to do the marketing that define them nowadays.

Decathlon is one of those brands that is not necessary to investigate thoroughly to realize that is one of them. This French company is dedicated to the sale and distribution of sports equipment operates in more than 21 countries.

In addition to the many local supermarkets that have spread internationally, the company develops and markets its own 17 brands. Many of them as well-known such as BTwin, Domyos, Kalenji, Kipsta, Quechua, Wed’ze, or Tribord. 

As Decathlon Spain, the brand has always aroused my interest through its commercials. I mean, the world´s greatest sport in the world deserves to be seen.

However, If there is something that has also raised the company in the lastest years: Its content marketing strategy has made to this French company earn a place on Internet and social networks in Spain (Facebook, twitter)

Both have focused on creating content that the brand has a number of sporting blogs in which whatever sport you practice, you’ll find tips, tricks, curiosities and even some trainings that will help you enjoy more than ever of the world’s largest sport.


Illusion, willpower, self improvement, the eagerness to better, fun, personal satisfaction, passion and triumph are many values that any sport requires. However, this motivatin message is not the message which is behind the marketing campaign.

Emotional differentiation and marketing are those that have characterized the brand campaign. It refers to the sport that we share with ours, the sport that we enjoy when we go out for a run along the beach or the mythical football match with our friends. It refers the simple fact to do sport and enjoy doing it.

“The greatest sport in the world” is that one you do, regardless of the way in which you do it. In fact, the brand cheers up to do it:

“To all those who don´t  know the rules, change or invent new ones. That sport live with no one to sponsor them, they earn far more important than gold, silver and bronze trophies … to all they don´t have fans, but people who want them. “

(Text translated)

The greatest sport in the world is that one we learn, share and enjoy. That one we do together, no mater that we are athletes or not.

Due to the campaign made by & roses, the agency has developed a second campaign called TROCATHLON. It is an event that was organized by Decathlon from 8th to 20th March, in which people could sell their old sports equipment to buy new material.

As well dictates us their slogan: Renew your desire to do sport!

Maybe it was the change in the communication strategy: the message the brand wants to transmit with this campaign is none other than to communicate the idea that sport is accessible to everyone.

The fact is that certainly Decathlon has created a campaign that even months later retains its notoriety and it is giving a lot to talk about. Furthermore, taking advantage from going back to school, Decathlon launched its “Back to the sport.” A campaign that not only invites you to do sports, but to return to the routineand get to know the sports brand.

Now then, Decathlon invested 13.6 million euros in conventional advertising according to InfoAdex data. However, there are many more marketing activities developed by the brand besides the external advertising and the web together with the commercials.

Some of these actions come from Street Marketing as the example we could see in Murcia in order to announce the opening of Decathlon. For the same purpose, but for the opening of Decathlon in Pozuelo de Alarcon in 2011, it was carried out the action that you see in the video below:

Talking about Street Marketing, I leave another example that caught my attention. It is an action carried out by Marketing “Somnis Factory” to introduce the opening of a new store, which is that as you say:

“When you install a new place it is always well introduce itself to the neighbors, and if takes them over cookies… much better!”
(Text translated)

As lateral Marketing is so fashionable and new communication trends are increasingly welcomed by the big brands, Decathlon could not resist the temptation to make a flahsmob. And it is not one, not two, there are now many flashmobs that have been taking place throughout the world, always in the brand’s stablishments.

Below I leave you the Flashmob that took place in San Sebastian de los Reyes:

Finally, and given the strong influence of social networks, Decathlon has developed “your new sport social network”: Decathlon Sport Meeting.
Following the Decathlon line, the aim of this new social network is “Bringing people together through sport” and that if Sporting is part of your life, It´s time to share it!

Undoubtedly Decathlon´s marketing is customer-oriented in a simple way to get differentiatedIt is this differentiation together with the advantage in price what offers added value to customers without losing quality.

As the company informs on its website, its mission is:

“Encourage the desire of sport and make it accessible  to the greatest number of people the pleasure and benefits of sport”
(Text translated)

For this reason Decathlon performs its “Sport week”: free events that allow customers to discover and share the sport.

As endpoint I leave you with one of the lastes spots that Decathlon has made during the “Back to the sport” campaing in 2015. Simply brilliant, 😉 #SalAhíyDisfruta (Get out there and enjoy)


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