Rihanna as brand ambassador and image of Puma’s new ad campaign

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We have already spoken of the engagement that many brands are carrying out to connect more with their audience, specially sport brands.

However, today we are not going to talk about #BetterforIt from Nike or #IWill from Under Armour; Today we come to talk about PUMA and its #NOMATTERWHAT which together with the American singer Rihanna starring its latest ad commercial.

In order to promote “Forever Faster”, the latest campaign of the brand, the German manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear PUMA has decided to change the typical athletes training ad for the sensuality of the singer in this one.

For that the brand has made use of an emotional and motivational message that matches perfectly with the instrumental version of “Bitch Better Have My Money“, Rihanna answers us to the question “What are you training for?”

“Why do I train? I train to get stronger, to climb higher, to go further, to have the strength to cross oceans and reaize my dreams on the other side. Rihanna trains for Platinum.”

In addition Rihanna is brand ambassador and creative director of women’s training line image in which she has been promoting the shoe press Geo XT Fitness. Sold by the brand for both training and dance, or as they say, “to look spectacularly attractive.”

In this case, we can see in the  30 seconds video how PUMA takes advantage to show off their new designs. The singer wears a bra PWRShape Bra, PWRShape tight leggings and boots to Ignite XT: the new design presented by the brand as an answer to high intensity workouts that maximize energy and movement.

Clearly, the brand seeks with this new advertisement is to strengthen the branding of its new claim “Forester Faster”. In order to becoming the fastest shoes, the brand also go further to have, as they say in its commercial, the strength to cross oceans and accomplish our dreams.

“Forever Faster embraces the thrill of being first, the swagger of being the best, and the fun of being able to adapt; but it is also an ethos that goes beyond the boundaries of a marketing campaign”

In 2014, Puma’s strategy encompasses five strategic priorities: the repositioning of PUMA as the World’s Fastest Sports Brand, the improvement of our product engine, the optimization of our distribution quality, increasing the speed within ourorganization and infrastructure, and renewing our IT infrastructure

Therefore, If PUMA wants to enhance their image and brand positioning, they will have to work more, as they are doing in “FOREVER FASTER”.

“Forever Faster is about PUMA making a statement as a brand and reminding people that we are and will continue to be the fastest sports brand in the world,” said Adam Petrick, Global Marketing Director at PUMA.

We have seen the athlete Usain Bolt (The fastest man in the world) or the players Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli in other commercials of this ad campaign. Enjoy them!


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