Christmas promotions are as nougat, they cannot be missing at all!

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Being at the right time to reach out to the appropriate target audience, and do it at the right way can seem more difficult than it is.

In marketing as in life are the small details those make the difference. Is when the four elements of marketing (also known as the 4 P’s) work together when us, the consumers, from the other side of this great game, we perceive ‘that’ which encourages us to get closer, look around and often, specially at this time, satisfy more desires than needs.

As I mentioned in other posts, one of the main objectives of the communication is to inform rather than selling as the most of the people thinks.

At this time in which we find (special for some, consumerism for many others) is not credible to believe that this is so. Especially when the advertising invasion triples.

However in the case of promotions, as well as informing, it is true that the secondary aim of this action is to increase short-term sales.

During these days, the news tell us the predictions of the costs to be incurred during the year, which were reminiscent of the most common gifts years ago and consequently, what are the most popular gifts those coming this year.

Regarding Marketing, let’s talk about promotions! Those that like nougat, at Christmas time cannot be missing. Especially in shopping malls.

If it’s common to see them during the whole the year, at Christmas time is even more common. In fact, a sales promotion complies with the two previously mentioned objectives: to inform about the products they promote and increase sales in the short term.

However, getting a promotion highlights over the competition at Christmas time is getting harder. For this reason brands do not forget the “if I see it I will forget it, if I feel it I will remember it” law; And they include interactive marketing actions through the brand manage experiences creating a bond that will  allow to the consumer don’t forget the brand and the product, but also with a bit of luck, the brand will awaken the desire to purchase.

For this reason, promotions have become into interactive spaces that offer the opportunity to experiment, tinker, browse and have fun with what may be,  for more than one, his Christmas present. 


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