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I couldn’t finish the year without spending at least 10 minutes here!  As I said a million of times, marketing is everywhere. Included in ourselves. That’s why personal branding is making so much noise and it will continue to grow significantly in the coming years.

Nevertheless, If there is something wehere marketing shines during these days is it in all the Christmas campaigns and commercials that all the brands held during this time of the year.

It is for this reason that I take the opportunity to gather in this post everything that makes up in living marketing: marketing and communication, personal branding and inspiration.

Just a few hours to end this amazing 2015. A year full of changes, new projects, collaborations, farewells and homecomings and especially progress. Therefore, a year in which we can be satisfied and toast for the new one.

Actually, I don’t remember where I read about it, but It’s true that saying about the years that are left behind are the kilometers we traveled. A path that has brought us here and continues in front of us to take us wherever we have not even imagined.

So, we are going to continue being traditional and wishing to all of you the best of the best for the new year. A year in which move forward dreaming and striving for every idea, desire or challenge we pleaseA year in which daring to fight for our dreams.


Although the real change begins within oneself, the day and at the time that everyone wants; we are being traditional and we are going to embrace the new year is always a good point to start out again and set new goals. For this reason, I have nothing else to wish you a happy 2016 in which keep enjoying!

Because life is to enjoy it, regardless of what is on the other side of the ledger, bet for the small things of life and celebrate them.

Lastly, I wish to all of you, not only this holiday season if not always, that you keep enjoying every moment, feeling or people of your lives. As well as kilometers and years we traveled, they will become part of ourselves.

 The real adventure begins when you dare! 😉

“Dare to pursue your dreams, dare to believe in yourself, dare to feel you can.

From Living marketing, once again, it is a pleasure to wish all of you a

Happy new year!


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