The best Christmas ads of 2015

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Already some weeks ago we can see how streets have been covered with lights, shops, facades and windows are being decorated to make us feel the characteristic and friendly atmosphere of Christmas.

According to the seasonality in which we find ourselves, Marketing fits christmas style to all their communication strategy. Although is hard to believe, all this christmas advertising has become into a tradition. 

Furthermore the big brands and its communication, there are a lot of aspects that set the pace of this time of year. Such as the conventional advertising or the number of hits they send us during this period.

However, all the christmas campaigns have changed in recent times. Rather than toys and perfumes ads, is the overturn that have given the brands to its advertising to spread values such as togetherness or the magic of Christmas. 

I will not deny that the sesasonality give too many chances to companies, in fact, brands take advantage of this grear hook to get closer to their target audience. Do they do it in order to increase their profit? Also. Although the truth is that it is precisely in this seasonal dates where other communication goals are more reinforced.

Needless to be added, enjoy the Christmas ads of 2015:

Coca-Cola is always one of the ads we can’t miss at Christmas. This year the brand returns with Santa and its campaign “Make someone happy”: It’s the season to bring joy to others, and there are loads of little gestures that will make someone smile.

In Spain, there are two Christmas ads that are expected, commented and compared every year. They are the Christmas ads from Campofrio, Freixenet and the Lottery.

In the same way, Suchard, El Almendro, Ikea, La Once or El corte inglés have been added to this advertising tradition. With some topics like “come back home for Christmas”, “let out the child in you” or “Christmas starts with you” are their Christmas campaigns of this year:

Just as Coca-Cola, many other brands whose Christmas ads can not miss. John Lewis, Cadbury, Scrabble y Sainsbury invite us this year to show the love, union, support and enthusiasm of these dates.

Finally, we emphasize the newness of this year: Christmas campaigns have not only surprised or excited us, but they have become viral from the time of its release. Enjoy them!

Do you think we have missed any? Tell us! 🙂


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