Super Bowl, the top event worldwide

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The Super Bowl is not only a sporting event. Year after year the tradition of vibrating stadiums it has become current.

Not only football fans are those who celebrate and crave the championship game of the NFL. Is the whole world who expects, celebrates and comments the king par excellence of events.

A sporting, musical and commercial level, the Super Bowl is also one of the most important marketing event worldwide.

Besides by the impact and visibility acquired by the participating brands, the product placement of brands that have agreements with the NFL, such as Pepsi or Microsoft, that appear during the game increasing its brand value as sponsors.

In addition to being the sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl is the highlight of TV advertising. There are brands that pay €130,000 per second of issuance of their spots.

Creativity is questioned and becomes more challenging each year. The ads must be more appealing and amortize the high investment required. In addition, the also have to liked ir at least, draw attention to the more than 180 million viewers who are in front of the television during its broadcast.

Although most of people have seen them in advance on the internet, the boom has been real. For that reason, after leaving behind the great event of the year, we have made a collection of the most viewed and the most liked ads in this 50th edition of the Super Bowl. Enjoy them!

Even Marvel took advantage of the great impact of the Super Bowl to launch the teaser of the last film of Captain America: Civil War!

However, putting the cherry on the cake to this top event, the stars of the Super Bowl has neither been sport not the advertising that have been issued during such event.

Music has again once become the iltimate winner. This year, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Coldplay were the stars of this 50th edition.

In fact, the halftime of the Super Bowl has been since always, on of the areas with the largest audience in the United States. The show of 2014 (by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers) had a record of 115 million viewers, whereas the 2015 (Katy Perry and Missy Elliot) was seen by over 118 million people, which makes it available at a very attractive time to big brands:

“Pepsi has been four consecutive years  the official sponsor of the show 12 minutes, is also the second sponsor of the” Super Sunday “to invest $ 172 million this year, second only to Anheuser-Busch InBev, which spent 287.3 million in ads , according to Kantar Media. “

Sports and the strngth of the entertainment in the events can reach unimaginable levels. They are without any doubt, one of the leisure in which more and more brands have guaranteed success.

Sportainment not only enterains, it also exploits the more commercial side of sporting. And that is something that both consumers and viewers love.

Without much further to add, I let you enjoy the halftime show one more time! Enjoy it! 🙂


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