Jägermeister enlivens tattoos through an animation film

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I’m sure thethe majority have already seen the animation film produced by Jägermeister. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on such a feat.

I mean, what has been done by Jägermeister is worthy of comment. Much further than from being an advertising action, this is a completely Marketing strategy that comes from the essence of the brand until the last of its consumers. An advertising campaign that connects, represents and provides value.

Hunt or be hunted is an animatin film in which we can say that tattoos come to life. A project that has emerged from two fundamental ideas, on the one hand, being true to the brand and demonstrating the original and distinctive essence of Jägermeister that never leaves no one indifferent. On the other hand, this film is a project that has incorporated into its DNA the values and the personality of the brand.


What had begun as a research for many brave people who dared to leave his body at the hands of McCann  and the boys of Tatto Ondo, it has ended up being a whole initiative to be proud of.

More than 1,500 people were registered willing to get tattooe. After an intense period of casting between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, only 100 have been the protagonists of what will undoubtedly be another highlight of their lives.

In fact, a campaign has a limited resource in time no matter how good it is. However, in this case, this campaign will last forever in the lives of these people.

“When you’re shooting in the skin your values, you show you’re true to what you think. But that can not be done by anyone “

Fortunately (because I feel very lucky for it), I was pleased to attend the presentation of Hunt or be hunted in Madrid. And it is a joy to see how both, the brand and every participant, including the group that puts the sound to spot band, tell the process of this project worthy illusion of who makes possible the impossible. 


As it was said that day, the idea was born in order to create the first piece of advertising in Spain. A piece that not only had to be different, also had to be jager.

“Make a short film with tattoos seemed impossible.” Then Jägermeister arrives andand does the impossible.

Reason why I would like to highlight the fact that as a basic pillar in any aspect that encompasses marketing. Because marketing is passion and is “being real”. Marketing is step outside the box is to perform the impossible and create magic.

Once that has been said, I have to admit that the last parapgraph sounds as passionate as utopian, but is not so utopian when there are brands that have shown that IS POSSIBLE to see, understand and believe in marketing. 

“Seeing something is crazy and throw yourself, is something that is very used Jägermeister”


Who has a tattoo knows the ink is addictive, ink tells stories, whole lives. On this premise arises Hunt or Be Hunted, an animation film made from tattoos devised by Jägermeister. An action that creates branded content and proves once again that we can generate engagement and get the results sought to be faithful to the personality and image of the brand through the storytelling.  

Hunt or be Hunted is an attitude towards life. Put fear aside and move on with your life. Catch it by the horns, daring and being true to oneself.

Without much else to add, and if you haven’t already seen it .. enjoy the gorgeous animation film of Jägermeister!


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