Personal branding: ‘The footprint by which we will be remembered’

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A couple of years ago I found across the Internet some images of 3D paintings made eith chalk by the British artist Julian Beever on city streets. Defying the laws of perspective while creating an optical illusion, this man is gorgeous. 

It is true that these images are really impressive, but that is something I will let you see for yourselves. The case is how this British artist has created his own personal branding by chalk lines.

Nowadays, Personal branding is synonym of marketing. For you, your personal branding must be as important as is a brand for a company. 

Personal branding is that which identifies us, that which communicates the characteristics that make us stand out, be relevant and different.
I like talking about this issue is that a brand is a footprint. The footprint that remains when we are no longer present. The track that talks about us, the footprint by which we will be remembered. 

The power of personal branding is related to the ability to influence, to get attention, to make us see, hear and feel, making us notice.

 Without going further, As Andrés Pérez Ortega defines: 

“The personal brand is the proper and aware management of perceptions, memories and expectations that we generate in others”

(Text translated)

Of course this is not easy to get, but it requires more than talent, effort and time.

By now we are all young entrepreneurs, young prospects in the process of finding and exploiting the most of our own personal brand. But if anything is certain is that we take time and effort to get it.


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