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Marketing. I will repeat that word a thousand times if it is necessary . And the marketing is synonymous with creating value . We perceive that value in everything we need whether material or not. That value we demand and after that , in thousands forms are returned to us.

If there is something more important than creating value in Marketing, this is the relationship with the customers. This is a necessary and constant part that it operates all the chain.

To know what is that the customers need, you must know them, and for that, you must keep in contact along the time with them. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective keys Marketing and composed the essence and success of many well-known brands , and not only at national level but internationally.

For example , how does NASCAR  get a lasting relationship with your customers?

Each year Nascar provides an extraordinary experience of adrenaline through thanks to their careers in live and the  coverage of them in the media.

Besides camping areas equipped for them , NASCAR demonstrates that cares about his clients and therefore does everything possible to enjoy to the fullest.

Marketing studies show that the followers of the association are more loyal to the sponsors of the sport that followers of any other .

And is that if you get loyalty with your followers everything runs well .Thanks to those faithful relationships , NASCAR has over 250 sponsors renowned , from Wal – Mart , Home Depot and Target – to Procter & Gamble , Coca Cola and the army of the United States.

Definitely, NASCAR is a marketing organization first , “it listens to his followers and gives them what they want” . In return , reward their supporters reward NASCAR  and their sponsors with a deep loyalty.

In relation to their loyal fans and sponsors , NASCAR launched in 2009 associated with M & M’s to find the ‘The most  colorful Fan and for this campaign , not only sought where they would know they would find all fans of the brand, and sites where the races took place , but also on sites like Facebook and Twitter

Currently NASCAR has received two awards from ‘The American Business’ to be recognized as “The best sport for business and provides unprecedented access to their fans to see their drivers” as mentioned Norris Scott , vice president of NASCAR.

In addition , he also received ‘The innovators Brand Award’ for his great leadership and innovation in regard to the brand marketing .

Finally I leave a video in which it is their fans who tell us all this,Enjoy!


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