Let’s talk about brands!

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It is attributed to marketing to be this is who creates consumer needs prompting us to purchase goods and services that support companies.

As I have explained in previous posts this is not true, but  it is true that companies like consumer needs detected (they already have) and can satisfy it with the goods and services they offer, a number of determining factors in consumer behaviors that establish a certain bond between the consumer and the brand.

As we know, there are many factors that influence consumer behavior. I shall not define what are all these, however,  it is important to define the importance of BRAND, and how this behavior influences not only the consumers themselves but also in society.

The behavior is just the way we all behave according to different situations. However, not all our forms of behavior are aware. Many of our actions we do not just stop and think about them.

This type of behavior, the unconscious, is related to the brand-behavior due to the influence that brands have on us without even realizing. Many times if the behavior forging a series of patterns we could speak of conduct. The behavior we develop to certain situation.

Therefore, we define the brand behavior as a behavior which is in consumers who feel greater brand loyalty.

Often this is influenced by what the brand sells us. Not only the product itself, if not all those intangible attributes linked to the same as the added value.

There are many brands that refer the LIFESTYLE as the added value needed to achieve brand loyalty among consumers-

This is for example the case of JEANS, the spot that held the glasses “CARRERA”

A very definite style that is becoming more influential in the marquista behavior is the example of ADIDAS. In the latterst case Adidas, mention social influence and the influence of reference groups that are linked to this behavior .


It is true that often the social influence acts as a determining factor in our behavior , either by class or social groups that surround us, and the influence of social icons . We identify with the brand unconsciously, and because of our behavior promote loyalty us with it thus defining a brand- behavior.

This is also happen with NIKE and its last spot “Find your valor”

However, Nike, has had many other football-related or other securities identified the lifestyle you both crave and with which we identify consumers have a brand- induced behavior in all those consumers and followers spots the brand.

It is the example of “My time is now” of Nike

As we can see, it happens with too many brands such as the brands of cars or clothes.

 In the case of cars, BMW and its new  BMW Essential Edition The essence is what it makes us feel”

Therefore , and in conclusion, finish by saying that brands are those which can be identified as competitive advantage , which is the feature that will get lop a  behavior in all of us .

We will see if they have achieved their goals or not whether to choosing one or another particular brand of toys, clothes , cars, glasses, shoes or choose or just its brand.

Moreover and how we can see here, there are a number of “selective brands” referring to the apparent strength they have some mythical brands and their corresponding action in markets Is brands such as COCA -COLA

Undoubtedly the brand is a determining factor for success, and the brand- behavior exists in the world in which we live does nothing but confirm this.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about brands!

  1. Buen artículo, cada vez más las marcas buscan ese vínculo emocional con los consumidores. Los consumidores elegimos las marcas que hablan de nosotros, desde un coche hasta el detergente que compramos nos hace sentirnos identificados con la marca, (muy curioso los anuncios de detergentes que van para mamis pijas y para amas de casa paletas). Como en todo, existe un límite y es difícil tener un lazo emocional con un macarrón o una lata de bonito pero toda marca debe intentar conectar con su público y hacer que este se sienta identificada con ella.

  2. Anonymous

    Buen post pero… ¿qué me dices de las marcas blancas? ¿y con las marcas como Ferrari, la más poderosa del mundo, que no podemos comprar? No solo la marca es importante 😉

    • Una cosa no quita la otra, incluso para las marcas blancas somos marquistas, seguro que prefieres una marca blanca antes que otra, ya sea por calidad, precio o hábito de compra. Lo mismo pasa para marcas más poderosas, que no las podamos adquirir no significa que tengamos predisposición, admiración o fidelidad ante dichas marcas.
      Quizá no solo la marca es lo importante, ¡pero sin duda es un condicionador clave de todo lo que conlleva! :)

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