Send the winter to drink Fanta!

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Every day we become more critical what all the things we see, hear and know. Well, if criticism is the point of the day, I have several issues on which talk about.

As we´ve already talked on the post `Send everybody to drink Fanta and have fun´, the marketing campaign from the brand in Spain.

In order to follow the same strategy, the brand has come back to send, this time, the winter to drink fanta! (#AtomarFanta al invierno)

For that, Fanta organized a contest for all those who wanted to send the winter to drink Fanta and sent them to Tenerife for 4 days. Undoubtedly, an amazing trip to keep the summer bit longer!

This Fanta-experience assured them sunshine and warm weather, moreover, the island had prepared a lot of fun activities for those 15 winners.

If you desire to know more about it, you can see it in the video on the right.

However, we also have to consider the fact that not everything is liked for everyone. The criticisms continued throughout the whole campaign, giving to the brand even more notoriety.

Besides notoriety, Fanta has achieved to generate and manage also a brand experience, relationship marketing and an increased positioning. All this in the most cost effective and fun way. 

It is not what all bradns want?

As a matter of fact, I would like to highlight the influence of people as a feedback of the campaign. Is known the multiple parodies that often are made about tv ads. Nevertheless, in this case has been Fanta the responsible to connect with its target. How they did it? Through the place where nowadays we are all: social networks.  

For that, the brand contacted with some of the most influential spanish vbloggers on Youtube such as Yellow Mellow o Mr Curricé. In oder to advertising, the brand got much more than generate buzz marketing and get closer to consumers, Fanta was increasing its notoriety once again. 

Below you can find the videos I was talking about.

Enjoy them! 


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