Beefeater London District: the first pop-up district of Spain

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Beefeater, the gin brand most awarded in the world year after year, has been the first brand that has created the first district of containers in Spain.

Yeah, Okay, It’s true we’ve all seen pop-up stores, but we have never enjoyed a pop-up disfrict before! Ladies and gentlemen, Beefeater has made it possible!

As I’ve already told you about pop-up stores, this is a trend that is giving a lot to talk about!. A store, container or small and temporary space that breathes marketing through and through. An stratey as original ans funny as the esssence of the brand that wants to make.

Actually, Beefeater London District is more than an idea or a marketing action. It is an initiative thas has been undertaken by the brand. Thanks to Beefeater, 18 lucky projects will have the opportunity to get into the 15 square meter which measures a container his own idea. Whether a shop, a restaurant, a cinema, a hotel .. Any idea is valid!

The goal of this initiative is to bring unique experiences of film, design, fashion, food and art (among several of its forms) to all its visitors. Moreover, this district will also make them take out the Londoner they have inside!

Why the londoner they have inside? Because the essence of London is one of the most important values for Beefeater; Therefore that’s something Beefeater always wants to convey with its marketing actions.

Through the application of facebook, Beefeater has given the opportunity for all those who wanted to participate to submit their projects. Then, the 18 winning projects were chosen by a team of experts, journalists and members of the main associations of entrepreneurs and institutions of Spain (IE Business School, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Spain and Womenalia StartUp). And this way is how Beefeater London District was born. Without any doubt a perfect way to promote entrepreneurship!

As we know, a pop-up store is temporary. So, this district too. From 5 to 8 June it was held in ‘La estación del Norte de Principe Pío (Madrid). I can promise that many ideas as original as groundbreaking were the protagonists of the own district.

As the brand afirms:

“Anyone who is able to put in a” container” an idea or project to revive thousands of visitors unique experiences, has a place in Beefeater London District”

(Text translated)

Undoubtedly, this is an initiative that will get merge the ideas of the Spanish projects submitted to the spirit and essence of London. A spirit which “breaks down barriers, open your mind, and take you into action to develop yourself.”

Under the slogan “Bring out the London you have inside” ( “Saca el Londres que llevas dentro”), I present you what is, certainly, a marketing strategy carried out by the brand.

Finally, I would highligh that in Marketing, the most value for customers are not other that experience, emotions and customer relationship. Three factors that has been crucial in all the actions carried out in Beefeater London District.

Without any doubt, a marketing action as groundbreaking, surprising and original as the experiences that will be generated and the impact they will have.

I also include the video that have been presented a week ago about what Beefeater London District will be! Enjoy it! 


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