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Today I would like to share with you what for me was certainly a great dose of motivation. As a marketer, I felt lucky the day I discovered Womenalia and its Inspiration day in 2014.

Womenalia Inspiration Day  is one of the most important professional events that brings together over 1,400 professional women and men where the entrepreneurial challenge, overcoming and professional development are the big keys.

Without any doubt, all presentations carried out in this great event are as unique as motivating. However, here in Living marketing we are going to follow our philosophy and comment the advice given by Juana Erice.

Juana Erice, The CEO in Juana Erice Consulting, a specialist in communication and coaching, begins his presentation telling the story of a man who was the owner of the factory and asked Artich: “Tell me how it succeeds in life. Please explain please what I have to do to be successful?, What I have to do to don’t doubt?’. This man said, ‘I’m going to answer a single word:


Dare to pursue your dreams, dare to believe in yourself, dare to feel you can.”

The answer lies in daring. Daring to go far beyond what we think we can get to make decisions, take a radical turn ..; whatever it is, all we must dare to something.

Juana Erice believes that behind a person who dares, there are three criteria: clarity of objectives, priority and courage.

Especially courage; not everyone has the same willpower and courage necessary either to dare or not to surrender.

We often wonder how I can dare?

Where do I get the strength to dare?

80% of people give up to the first negative word they receive. 98% of people at a second non-surrender, and only 2% persevere in pursuit of their goals.

To dare is necessary to clear the following points:

Learn to value:  Whatever happens, we’re going to get it!

This requires:

  • Discover our strengths
  • Remembering our achievements
  • Daring to do difficult things

But… How to break the fear of daring?

Fear is a giant magnifying glass that enlarges distort our fears. The only way to break the fear is facing him, acting, and making it tangible.

Remembering positive experiences breaks the fear, believing in yourself breaks the fear, surrounding yourself with positive people breaks the fear, the action breaks the fear.

If we dare to do something hard to us or something that feel unsafe, we will have taken the daring step, but we will gain also courage, self-esteem and security.

Learn to develop our mental strength: teach your mind to get the better of us in difficult times. So we must control our thoughts and feelings, and learn to see things in other ways.

“Every ‘No’ I say to myself is a wall up between me and reality”

We have to tell us motivational quotes rather than open up walls and we will open a world ahead: Yes. I can do it, I’ll get it, etc.

Develop our mental strength also means learning to see another perspective: we must learn to think beyond our fears. For this we must think what you would tell a friend that is in our same position, trying to understand what I can’t see, or what/who can help me or provide me the strength to help me grow.

– Learn to act at the right time: Acting is vital.

We must give up thinking it’s easy, it will not be obstacles and we must accept that we will meet insecurity, indecision, discouragement and fear during the journey.

Our job is transform security, decision, courage and bravery. How to do it? With training and perseverance. Understanding that things are achieved with time.

Fundación ONCE: Plan for the professional inclusion of young people with disabilities

Daring means further growth. We must continue to form us, we have to persist. Something better is waiting for us and we will find only if we dare to go and look.

Great and important things take time, commitment, effort, and persistence.

“Fighting for what you get and do not stop until get it”

With those great words Juana Erice ended the conference, and I will be putting an end to this post.

It is difficult to persist when things get tough or when hard you try you do not get results. Nevertheless, you already know what it is said:

“Nothing worthwhile is easy.”

If you really have a dream or a goal that you would like to achieve, fight for it. Dare to do it, whatever it is.


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