Pop-up stores revolution!

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Every day we see more pop up spaces: on the terminal of an airport, in a hotel, on the beach… and even in markets, restaurants or museums! There is no location where these small spaces have no place.

hm-pop-up-store-beach-vishopmag-2The great boom that pop-up stores are causing is linked to the brand experience that these temporary and exclusive spaces offer to the public that visit them. Undoubtedly, an alternative concept that has become very popular because of the great creativity that breathe the marketing actions that are held in them.

These pop stores are marketing activities that get the consumer feel special by being part of the initiative. A clear example of how to generate branding, viral marketing, sales, and engagement with customers, or what is the same, be able to generate a great impact at low cost. Brands know that well and they do not hesitate to convert these ephemeral and exceptional spaces in a lifetime opportunity.

illycafe-pop-upPop-up stores are a marketing strategy at its best. Its location and design are essential, but its communication is essential. And as in any marketing strategy, creativity and innovation are key to meeting the challenge of differentiating and getting the attention of our potential audience.

Guerrilla marketing and unconventional actions still are the first resource that we embrace when we allow ourselves the luxury of “think outside the box”. A pleasure that we should do more often given the impact that these marketing actions reporte us in terms of visibility and image.

Some time ago I wrote about  Beefeater London district, the first pop-up distric in Madrid!. Container-shaped we could see how 18 entrepreneurs offered to the public their business in the most innovative way possible.

1504951_10154055076545375_3492720309412924539_nOn and off line interaction with the public, visibility, co-branding, loyalty, promotions, media coverage, temporality, uniqueness, creativity, innovation and affordability of the brand are some of the features and reasons that perfectly define the success of this emerging trend. In addition, the event allowed entrepreneurs the option to try new markets because most of them came from all provinces of Spain and only a few of them were from the capital.

Another example is the pop-up from Colun Light, a pop-up sportswear shop in Chile selling their products in exchange for calories.

Finally, and also very unconventional, it is the action of marketing that made the Dutch brand of cheese Castello  to conquer the US market. For this, it has opted for an action with great notoriety, distribution, and experiential branding art. The idea was to create a museum where viewers could enjoy works differently than usual: eating them. Through a pop up store, visitors could taste what they were seeing, while enjoying a whole experience full of food and art.

Therefore, thanks to all the examples we have seen, we can conclude with the certainty that the key and the return of the action once again reside on them: the consumers. A whole range of Experiential Marketing that puts them on a platter a striking, unique and commercial entertainment.

Actually, such is the extent that this strategy is gaining as a new trend of communication, that it has been consolidated as a space to which any company can have the opportunity to access to get known and communicate their brand.

An example of that is Martin Pop-Up. It is a unique place within a traditional market to sell and promote the products and services of entrepreneurs..

Untitled0Temporarily, Martin pop-up will be the stand of the entrepreneur who wants to be known in a simple manner, whatever their business is.

With advice for communication and promotion strategy that must be performed on the Internet, this new pop-up space on  Antón Martín market, promises to be a good communication tool because of its location, the quality of its stands, and its incomparable environment.

No matter how good our strategy is, the action we perform, or the brilliant and unique strategy we are pursuing, it is necessary that all this is communicated.

”20% is doing well and 80% is to communicate it”

There is no point in doing something great if no one will know, or at least that’s what said the creator of public relations, Edward Bernay.

Nowadays, the communication of pop-ups and the communication of any action or strategy we perform need to be communicated. And I’m not talking about media, but about the web and social media. The biggest allies to brands are the smartphones, tablets and computers. You know what they say…

If it is not online, it has not happened!!


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