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In the Champs Élysées, in Paris, we can find one of the most important avenues of the city due to its commercial power.  For this reason I’m going to tell you the impact of buildings and shops caused by the outdoor marketing of brands to catch mostly the attention of people.


If you see this entrance, Where do you think of? A palace? A church? A garden?

I could not imagine it was the entrance of Abercrombie & Fitch store. With gardens as impressive as any palace garden and the greatness of the gate and reception of brand models, we move into a great example of Retail Entertainment since we crossed its doors.

No doubt the Retail Entertainment changes how people buy, but in addition, It gets an emotional bond with their customers and make them feel to be part of something special.

Also known as Retail-tainment, It has a unique sales force because on the one hand It catches the attention of potential customers in the short term, and on the other hand, It generates long-term income.

It is the concept of adding entertainment and experiences to the retail mix.

Abercrombie & Fitch,  the pioneers of Retail Marketing, started offering entertainment activities related with their main product: sport goods. In 1988 when The Limited Inc acquired Abercrombie & Fitch and resurfaced it as an original brand of clothing for teenagers, the shops windows were removed and human models are introduced inside their establishments. However, and taking a look at the history of this company, the experience has always been the common factor of its strategy.

IMG_6853“The firm believes the customer experience as the main vehicle for communicating the spirit of the brand”

Elena Alfaro García, ‘ El ABC del Shopping Experience’ writer.

The outdoor marketing and placarding of establishments is as important as their windows shops; It is the first impression for a potential customer. That is the main reason why we have to be careful whit any detail from the image of the facade until our eyes are going to end up in the brand name.

When we are talking about retail marketing, we refer to the emotional impact that a store generates into their customers through the sales area.  The retail entertainment is looking for new ways to get the people’s senses through audio, lighting, fragrances and more sensorial experiences.

We know that is sensorial marketing  because It combines the five senses to stimulate the customer purchase process. Furthermore, It provides a brand experience. A great example of where to find retail entertainment, are the flagship stores.

The Retail Marketing besides strengthening the relationship with customers, their relevance and reward (makes them feel important and rewarded), reduces the costs of the purchase process. In this way we identify the 4R of Retail Marketing (Relationship- Relevance- Reward- Reduction) what is more, we can go a step further and talk about the new trend that has revolutionized the retail Marketing for several years: The Retail Entertainment.

Just so we achieve combining the most important factors nowadays at the sale’s point:  the combination of senses, deliver customer value and generate brand experience.

Finally, I would like to share with you some pictures from the stores that most caught my attention in Paris.

I point this out because Paris, like Madrid or New York shows us that European capitals have a strong presence in the geographical location for  building a new store due to its strong tourist attraction.


Louis Vuitton, París.


Citroen, París.


The Renault espace sensations experience, París.


Peugeot, París.


Mercedes- Benz, París.


Never forget:

“The ability to entertain, captures the hearts, minds, and therefore purchasing decisions.” 


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